Don\’t rush to scold your children, because there are many things you don\’t know.

Dingdang Mom Naodao Indeed, a child’s willingness to take the risk of being scolded by his mother and reach out to help others is not only a kind deed by the child, but also the success of family education. We can imagine that the little girl’s parents are also enthusiastic and kind people, so they can educate such kind people. children. However, from a parent\’s perspective, sometimes we can be more patient, more trustful, and more tolerant of our children. Naughty, mischievous, impulsive, and childish, they can often do amazing things. When we see children soiling clothes, painting on the walls, breaking dishes, or spilling boiling water, shouldn’t we blame them in a hurry? Instead of criticizing, ask them \”What do they want to do?\” It may be that they want to pour a glass of water for their mother, or they may want to surprise their father, or they may just want you to pay attention to him, care about him, and praise him. Even if the child really makes a mistake, letting him understand where the mistake is and how to correct it is far more practical and effective than getting angry and blaming. Even if punishment is given, the child should be given a chance to explain. There is a very profound sentence at the end of this video: It is much easier to wash off the dirt on your body than to teach a great child. As a mother, I am more afraid that my child will no longer choose to do good deeds than to teach him to wash a dirty piece of laundry.

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