Educate your children and pay attention to these three principles and three taboos. They will definitely be better when they grow up.

Family education is the foundation of all education. You must know that family is the first environment for children to grow up, parents are their children\’s first teachers, and parents are also their children\’s lifelong teachers. Parents\’ discipline methods will directly affect their children\’s character and talents. Therefore, if parents want to educate their children well, please pay attention to the following principles and taboos. When educating children, pay attention to the three major principles and learn to respect that most parents love their children, and it is instinctive to dedicate themselves to their children. But have you ever thought about how to care for your children in a way that is truly good for them? Is our perceived care hurting our children’s hearts? How many parents hurt their children in the name of love, asking their children to do this or that, and often denying their children. In fact, children, like us, long for equal treatment and do not want to always be labeled. Children hope to be recognized and respected by their parents and to get along with them as equals. As parents, we can educate and help our children, but we should not deprive our children of the possibility of growing up in the name of love. The child may be injured, but this is the price of growth. What the child needs more than injury is the recognition and respect of his parents. As parents, please treat your children as equals and respect their ideas. It is said that \”a strict teacher produces a good disciple\”, and the same is true for family education. As the lifelong teachers of their children, parents cannot do without strictness when disciplining their children, but they must pay attention to the balance of leniency and severity. You must know that excessive severity will only make children weak and incompetent, and they will not be successful when they grow up. However, if you only know how to tolerate children, they will lack awe, behave wildly, and do not understand rules, which is not conducive to future growth. The best education should be a combination of leniency and severity. This is the true care of parents for their children. As a child educator said: \”Family education should be lenient when it should be lenient, and strict when lenient. It should be lenient and strict.\” Only in this way can parents establish the prestige they deserve in front of their children. Every parent must be strict and kind, and \”be strict in expectations but gentle in dealing with them.\” Only in this way can the ideal educational effect be achieved. Krupskaya, who teaches by words and deeds, once said: \”For parents, family education is first and foremost self-education.\” You must know that when a child comes to this world, parents are already their child\’s best teachers. Parents’ words and deeds are their children’s silent teachers and have a powerful and subtle influence on their children. Children\’s initial behaviors and habits are learned from their parents, so parents should pay attention to the huge influence of role models on their children. We must set an example, be strict with ourselves at all times, everywhere and in everything, and set a good example in life for our children. As Dong Qing said: \”You should be who you want your children to be.\” If you want to raise excellent children, parents must first be excellent. A pair of good parents is worth a hundred teachers, and a good example is a kind of power. Parents’ words and deeds are the best teaching materials in family education. Educate your children and pay attention to the three taboos. Over-indulging children is the treasure and pet peeve of their parents, so it is easy for them to be over-indulged by parents and the elderly. But doting is not love, but a kind of sweet destruction of children. Over-indulging children will only make them more willful and self-centered. Such children will think that everything they get isAs it should be. But when you grow up and enter the society, you realize that not everyone will satisfy you like your parents, which will cause a lot of frustration and have a very negative impact on the child\’s life. As a Chinese proverb goes: \”A beloved child is unlucky, and a beloved child can hardly become a talent.\” Love should be measured, and as parents, please do not spoil your children. If your child makes a mistake, he should be criticized in public. But parents should understand that they cannot criticize their children anytime and anywhere, and they must choose the right time to criticize their children. The ancients once summed up the \”seven responsibilities\” in educating children, and the first one is \”not responsibilities in public\”. Don\’t think that your children are young. No matter how young they are, they have self-esteem. If they are criticized in front of outsiders, their self-esteem will definitely be damaged. Parents should protect their children\’s self-esteem. Even if their children make mistakes, they should not criticize them in public. Because if you criticize your child in public, the child will not be thinking about any mistakes he has made, but he will only be thinking about how embarrassing he is and how he has lost face. This kind of criticism is ineffective and will only alienate the parent-child relationship. Children need education, and they need correction if they have problems, but it is much wiser to criticize children in private than in public. Talking about any problems in private not only saves the child\’s face, but also makes the child feel grateful. One is a good person and the other is a bad person. Many parents believe that there must be a strict person and a kind person at home, so that they can control their children. But is this really the case? actually not. In the TV series \”Little Farewell\”, Fangyuan and Tong Wenjie\’s daughter Duoduo once yelled to her parents in a panic: \”You two don\’t want the teacher to sing in front of me. One is a good person and the other is a bad person. Is it interesting?\” In fact, the other is a good person. , a white-faced person will not only fail to have a good educational effect, but will also cause tension in the parent-child relationship, leading to children\’s distrust of their parents. Children will gradually become alienated from \”white-faced parents\”, while \”red-faced parents\” will lose their authoritative style. In fact, parents should have the same attitude towards their children\’s education. As Huang Lei said: \”If the children have any problems, they will point them out together; when the children perform well, they will also praise them together.\” As a parent, you must not divide into red faces and white faces in front of your children, but adopt the \”unified\” approach. front\” approach. There is a saying that goes: There are only failed educations, but there are no failed children. If you want your children to become outstanding, parents must know how to be a qualified parent and educate your children correctly. Finally, I hope that our children can receive the wise education of their parents and grow into better people.

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