\”Either be patient or ruthless\”, 13 years later he returned to his alma mater and killed 9 innocent junior students.

When I saw the campus murder in Mizhi, I was stunned and my heart skipped a beat. I checked Weibo over and over again and found that the number of dead students had risen to 9. It was heartbreaking! What did the child do wrong? In just one day, I will be on vacation to reunite with my family. Who wants to cause disaster and separate us forever? The evil of violence persists, leaving behind the seeds of hatred. The night before yesterday, I was coding when I suddenly received a message on my mobile phone: At about 18:10 on April 27, students from the No. 3 Middle School in Mizhi County, Shaanxi Province were attacked by criminal suspects on their way out of school, resulting in 19 students being injured (14 girls). 5 men), 7 of whom died (5 women and 2 men, the death toll later increased to 9). Shocked, besides shocked, still shocked! The clips of videos and bloody pictures circulating on the Internet (which I really couldn’t bear to post) made the distance between Mizhi and Beijing instantly close, as if they were right in front of me. I couldn\’t help but call Xiaochuan, and when I heard him say \”Mom, what are you doing?\” in the living room, my pounding heart calmed down a little. After becoming a mother, I cannot tolerate any news that may harm my child. I can’t imagine how sad I would be when I set the dishes on the table and waited for my children to come home for dinner, but then the shocking news came! I will go crazy and not believe this is true. My children will come back safely, sit next to me, and talk to me about a happy or ordinary day at school… This is a despair that I dare not even think about. After watching the 3D restoration animation of the crime scene produced by the Beijing News, I became even more angry and distressed! On the only way home from school, the children saw a madman coming towards them with a dagger held high and his hands stained with blood. They couldn\’t avoid it. What kind of fear did they feel in their hearts? I was so scared that my legs felt like they were filled with lead, and I even lost the instinct to escape. I was so scared that I felt like my throat was being choked by someone, and I couldn’t even shout out \”Help\”… I don’t know what kind of hatred the murderer had with the children. , to be able to make such a heavy move! Later, the police announced that the murderer, who was born in 1990, confessed that when he was a student at Mizhi No. 3 Middle School, he was bullied by his classmates, so he hated the students and killed people with a knife. The WeChat name of the murderer exposed online: either be patient or ruthless. Just 6 words, it makes people shudder. There are also reports that the murderer had mental problems. There was a time when there were various perverts in the news who attacked students for various reasons and killed innocent children to achieve their purpose of revenge on society. As a mother, I just want to say that no matter what the secret is, this kind of garbage person who hates society and does not hesitate to harm weak and defenseless people does not deserve the slightest sympathy. Either life imprisonment or simply shooting. Otherwise, once released, it will be a huge threat to society. Our children will be like lambs waiting to be slaughtered. One day, they will encounter a psychologically twisted executioner while walking on the road. But the most shocking warning of the tragedy at Mizhi Middle School is that a victim who should have been pitied turned into a cruel perpetrator. No coincidence. In 2009, 11 students from classes 145 and 146 of the No. 1 Middle School in Yanglin Town, Songming County, Kunming, returned to their dormitories after studying in the evening and were poisoned after eating instant noodles brewed with boiling water.symptom. Police investigation revealed that it turned out that a student from the school put rat poison in the dormitory kettle in order to \”teach\” his classmates who usually bullied him. Unexpectedly, tragedy would happen again nearly 10 years later. This time, the 28-year-old senior student raised a knife and stabbed his junior brother and sister. If the motive stated by the murderer is true, then the Mizhi tragedy has once again sounded the alarm on campus bullying. That cold \”knife\” had been secretly hidden in the murderer\’s heart since he was bullied at school. I searched on Baidu and found that Mizhi No. 3 Middle School was built in 1979. According to the age of the murderer, his junior high school stage should be between 2002 and 2005. 13 years have passed since 2005. During the 13 long years, he sometimes wanted to take out this \”knife\” in his heart, sometimes he hid it, sometimes he wanted to abandon it, and sometimes he sharpened it. There must have been pain and struggle in his heart, and perhaps good and evil have flashed through smiles and sorrows many times. I\’m afraid this is an inevitable factor that led to the seemingly accidental incident of Mizhi\’s tragedy. This inevitable factor twists an originally healthy person into an antisocial personality. However, this is not the starting point. The real source is – why does school bullying happen? Why didn’t the school take precautions in advance? Why was bullying not detected and stopped in time? Why aren\’t bullies dealt with seriously and those bullied provided with positive psychological counseling? Why don’t children seek protection from their parents? Or does the parent’s disapproving attitude allow bullying? Of course, there are also social and legal issues. In 2015, six Chinese students were arrested by the US police due to a campus bullying case. Three adult international students were sentenced to 13, 10, and 6 years in prison respectively, and the other three minors were sentenced to 1 year in prison. After serving his sentence, he will be deported from the United States. What did they do? According to some parents in China, it is just \”pressing a lit cigarette butt on someone else.\” The children are just joking, so how can they take it seriously? Not to mention going to court. Later, the parent of a certain international student involved in the case \”greeted\” the judge with money and gifts. As a result, he was arrested for bribery and was brought to the United States in disgrace. Deng Hong, a famous Chinese American lawyer, said: According to California law, school violence has always been a felony, and anyone involved in serious school violence will be sentenced. Even if they are minors, it is impossible to be lenient. When bullying occurs here, the most common response is to call the bully’s parents and ask them to criticize and educate their children. No matter how serious the situation is, the school will simply persuade the bully to leave. The cost of bullying is so low, it is not difficult to understand the unscrupulousness of the bully and the helplessness of the bullied. However, in recent years, in the face of the frequent deterioration of bullying incidents in schools, the law has begun to punish bullies, including minors. For example, in November last year, the Xicheng District People\’s Court of Beijing pronounced a verdict on a school bullying case. Five defendants who were under the age of 18 at the time of the crime were sentenced to 1 year or 11 months in prison respectively. Let us see hope. The birth of a sociopath requires many conditions. No one is born evil. Once the vicious flower is buried deep in a child\’s heart, it will sprout and grow, and will bear the fruit of hatred. This is the painful and thought-provoking point of the Mizhi Middle School tragedy. When violence is consistent, a victim becomes a perpetrator. Going back to the root cause, families, schools, and society should all work harder to prevent a child from becoming a perpetrator or victim of campus bullying. At the very least, stop thinking that bullying is just a game played by naughty and ignorant children; don’t regret it until it causes huge consequences. Otherwise, how can we comfort the nine children in heaven?

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