Elementary school students\’ composition \”I Hate My Dad\”, Chinese teacher: I can\’t write a comment

As an art teacher, although not a professional Chinese teacher, in addition to teaching painting, I also teach children some literary knowledge. Many fathers always use the excuse of being busy at work and making money! Ignoring children\’s lives has caused very bad harm to their growth and character development. I saw an essay written by a classmate a few days ago, and I felt very uncomfortable! I wanted to write a comment but I was filled with emotions. I turned over and over again and thought about it all night. I didn’t know how to write or how to enlighten my children so that they could grow up healthily! \”I Hate My Dad\” I envy other people\’s dads because their dads are always with me, but it\’s hard for me to see my dad! He only knows how to work outside to make money, and my mother and I don’t see him every day! I quarreled with my mother when I saw him! He is not nice to me at all, I hate him! I rarely see my dad. Why can other kids play football with my dad but not me? Why do my classmates have dads who catch ants with them, but I don’t? Why do my classmates have their dads to pick them up after school, but I don\’t? I can count on one hand the number of times my dad has come to pick me up from school! Every time I see other people coming home from school talking and laughing with their dads, I feel very angry! I\’m jealous of them! I hate my dad! I saw that other students were accompanied by their parents, and I was very angry! Why can I only face my mother every day? He can\’t play football with me, he\’s afraid of bugs! I like raising bugs because I am lonely! My little bug is my friend. Why doesn\’t daddy come home? At that time, my neighbors were saying that my father didn’t want me anymore because he had already started a family! I remember when I was in first grade, their father and mother had a big fight and I never saw my father again! I asked my mother: \”What does the neighbor aunt mean by starting a family again?\” My mother told me that she went to work in other places to make money, and would come back to buy me a new football and jersey in the future! I feel very sad all the time, I don’t want new footballs, I don’t want new jerseys! I just want my dad to play football with me, just this old football will do! I want to see my dad, I want to play football with him. I thought of many solutions myself. I asked my neighbor\’s aunt why my father didn\’t come home. The neighbor\’s aunt said it was my mother who wouldn\’t let him go home! Why doesn\’t my mother let him come home? How conflicted are they? I waited for half a year and lived a repetitive life with my mother every day. My mother was also busy at work! Because the school is not far away, I go home by myself every day. There is only me and my little bug at home! Finally one day my dad came back. He brought a new football and jersey. My dad took me to the original playground to play football, and the aunt bought me a lot of toys and a lot of delicious food. We also ate at McDonald\’s! I haven\’t seen him since! Now I\’m in 4th grade and I never see my dad again! I hate my dad, why doesn\’t he come back to see me! I will share my children’s compositions with you. If you have anything you want to say to your children, you can leave a message and let me know.

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