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Enlightenment given to me by the parents of several exceptionally outstanding children


Dec 1, 2023 #school age

Behind most children with excellent academic performance is an excellent parent. The child\’s excellent academic performance is only the fruit of the long-term persistence and dedication of excellent parents. Behind the children with exceptionally excellent academic performance are often the long-term and outstanding efforts of exceptionally outstanding parents. Accompanying students by excellent parents is an important factor in their children\’s excellence, and parents\’ full participation in educating their children in the lower grades of elementary school is the most cost-effective. So how should parents accompany their children in their studies? My answer is: practice deeply and grow together. This conclusion is drawn from the examples of those exceptionally outstanding children in online classes. Compared with those parents, I feel inferior. It would be great if I could realize this a few years earlier. I think my own children’s performance in high school Studying will definitely be much better. I think the reason why those exceptionally outstanding children in online classes have exceptionally excellent thinking and learning abilities is because they first have the participation and companionship of outstanding parents. Not only do these parents have high levels of Mathematical Olympiad skills, but they are also able to listen carefully to my explanations, take notes, and master all problem-solving ideas and ways of thinking. In following the class, parents will not only understand every question and every idea, but also be able to clearly understand whether their children have understood and figured it out, as well as where their children are weak and what they have mastered well. Clearly, during the pre-class preview and after-class review, the child\’s situation and the content he has learned are also well understood. These parents are like this for my math class, and I believe they will be like this for other classes as well. How to solve the problem of procrastination in homework for children? A full set of video courses. The number of outstanding children in each class in offline classes is small, and the concentration is too low. It is not easy to compare among outstanding children. In contrast, children from other places who take online classes are relatively There is a very concentrated group of outstanding students. If they are placed among children in offline classes, they will basically be very outstanding in terms of their learning ability and attitude. Parents who are willing to let their children participate in my online classes must first value their children\’s mathematics, agree with my teaching philosophy, and be able to tutor their children well. Moreover, their children often have good study habits and attitudes, and have excellent academic performance in school. etc., and then naturally become a highly concentrated learning group. However, although compared with ordinary children, they are very good, but if you carefully discover and feel, each child has his own learning characteristics and outstanding aspects that are different from others, and there is a big difference in the learning characteristics. These characteristics also determine that it is difficult for most children to achieve comprehensive excellence, and some aspects that are not excellent enough may become an important factor affecting future learning ability. Although the differences in these characteristics are not enough to distinguish between children at the primary school level. There are too many differences in the learning stages. Although it is not certain what kind of impact different deficiencies will have on learning ability in the future, a large number of children with excellent grades in elementary school will definitely be significantly differentiated in junior high school and high school, which should be related to this. In other words, the substantial divergence in middle school performance of most children with excellent primary school performance should be due to the fact that differentiation in excellent traits has already begun in the primary school years. Moreover, with three or four yearsCompared with children in grades 5 and 6, the plasticity of learning characteristics of children in grades 5 and 6 is greatly reduced. In them, very stable learning characteristics can usually be clearly seen, whether they are good or bad. This is true. Therefore, it can be said that most children\’s middle school performance differentiation should have begun to differentiate in terms of outstanding characteristics in the third and fourth grades. These differences are obviously formed in the studies before the fifth and sixth grades, especially the years of cultural studies. It may be more important for the formation of learning characteristics in terms of memory, thinking, and reading habits and learning methods. , the learning environment should be a very important factor, and the influence and subtle influence of the people around you are important. Parental participation is the biggest variable that affects children\’s learning environment. Outside of school education, the impact of parent participation and the depth of participation on children will be huge. Among children taking online classes, those with exceptionally good learning abilities have in common that their parents teach and accompany them in person for a long time. These parents are always able to study the content their children learn seriously, do everything themselves, and have excellent ability and perseverance. Their greatest impact on children is not the excellent results they achieve now, but helping them develop more comprehensive and excellent learning characteristics. Some parents around me attach great importance to their children\’s education, spend a lot of time and energy accompanying their children to study, read a lot of books and articles, and know a lot of online teaching resources. However, after huge efforts, not many can achieve good results. Putting aside higher-level issues such as parent-child relationship and comprehensive education, looking at the teaching and learning aspects of cultural courses, I think there are two main reasons: First, in terms of learning concepts, it is limited to some parents’ own educational level and learning ability, do not have good education and learning concepts, and lack the ability to identify good teaching concepts and teaching methods, resulting in large deviations in basic teaching concepts, which to a large extent determines the difficulty in achieving good results. The second is that in terms of the practice of accompanying students, there are problems with the specific methods. The main reason is that the accompanying students have not been implemented in practice. The core of the lack of implementation is that the parents themselves have not \”followed\” or \”learned in\” and cannot do it. Parents and children grow and progress together. In terms of learning educational concepts, those parents who are highly educated themselves often have a huge first-mover advantage. The reason why they learned well when they were children is usually because of the blessing of better educational concepts and learning methods. Not only on this basis , it is easier to identify and absorb other correct teaching concepts, and it is easier to pass on these good concepts and methods to children through words and deeds. For parents who were not very good at learning when they were young, because they are not able to identify good educational concepts and learning methods, they are often prone to jumping back and forth between multiple teaching concepts, even if they have been exposed to some kind of teaching concepts. Very good educational concepts and methods can also be difficult to show results due to lack of determination and relatively long-term persistence. Fumbling forward in the dark will cost you a lot of trial and error, and you will have to choose directly from the previous generation with excellent academic performance leading the next generation.Compared with choosing the right path and going on firmly, the older generation who are not highly educated lead the next generation to confusedly choose and wander between different paths. It is equivalent to the starting gun of the race having sounded, others have already started running wildly, and oneself I still don’t know which way to run! In addition, much of the information provided on the Internet is inherently problematic, making it more difficult for parents to make the right choice. For example, in many public accounts related to education, the articles in them are not derived from reflections and summaries of practice at all. Many of them are just short essays that are good at teasing and attacking the psychology of parents. They seem to be well told, with vivid stories and well-reasoned reasoning, but most of them are Chicken Soup for the Soul provides readers with more emotional value than educational value. In addition to being easy to resonate with parents and providing comfort to readers, it really has little significance in improving the level of educating children. Often, after reading countless articles, it is almost like reading nothing at all, and some of them confuse the audience and lead parents to misunderstand. Side effects such as going astray. In addition, most of the behaviors of adults are due to habits, and the same is true for educating children. No matter how good the teaching concept is, if it cannot be implemented into action, the essence of the concept can be truly understood in practice, and the behavior of educating children can be corrected in practice. And then it is useless to completely change the specific behavioral habits of parents in educating themselves and their children. No matter how much they know, they are still just \”giants in theory and dwarfs in action.\” In short, in terms of the practice of accompanying students, the core problem lies in the fact that parents cannot calm down and truly participate in the specific learning content due to lack of time, energy or ability level. Whether it is in terms of teaching concepts or the practice of accompanying students, in order to solve the above-mentioned problems and achieve good learning results, parents need to focus on one point: properly participating in their children\’s learning of specific content and growing and progressing with their children. No matter which course it is, if you really want your children to learn well with a high probability, it is best for parents to concentrate on learning some specific content. Parents should, if conditions permit, try to follow their children to learn specific content, and carefully understand and understand how to learn specific knowledge points and exercises. At least they should personally figure out how to think about each wrong question of their child. That is the only way. Only then can we figure out where the problem lies when the child does not learn well, and then participate in the child\’s learning in a substantial way. Taking my own experience as an example, my child reversed the trend of reading modern literature in the last semester of the third year of junior high school. No matter how I told my child that he needs to read carefully, understand what the question is asking, understand the intention of the questioner, etc., nothing happened. However, when I started to read every article and solve each question together with my children, and carefully explained and discussed the thinking process of each question with my children, the problem was completely solved soon. However, looking back, I have very good conditions in terms of time, energy and ability. However, what I did in my children\’s past studies was actually very insufficient. I deeply regret this. I should have been in my children\’s primary school. Do more and do better in every stage. Perhaps many parents know the importance of accompanying their children to study, and can partially accompany their children to study. However, they must truly be calm and down-to-earth to study the specific content.Content, such as problem-solving thinking for various types of questions, is probably indeed difficult to achieve. For example, the reading volume of the articles in this account is very small, and there are probably very few parents who are willing to read them and completely calm down to study. There are several parents of children taking online classes, and I admire them very much. They are really studying down-to-earth. , precisely because of their dedication, it is possible for children to completely copy my teaching ideas, and their learning is not only extremely efficient, but also has a more solid grasp. With the in-depth practice of parents accompanying their children in reading, the younger the children are, the easier it is for them to do so. Accompanying students in extracurricular training in lower grades of primary schools can make it easier for parents to capture and grasp the key knowledge and key points of thinking mentioned by teachers, grasp the weak points of children\’s thinking and learning content, and make the review more targeted. , overall it will save more time and effort, and get twice the result with half the effort. At this stage, not only are parents relatively capable of intervening, but it is also more conducive to cultivating children\’s excellent learning characteristics, such as being brave and good at thinking deeply, liking to comprehend and strive to integrate, making broad analogies in a variety of thinking, etc. These qualities touch the foundation of learning ability and are more effective in the long run. Compared with extracurricular learning in middle schools, extracurricular learning in primary schools is more cost-effective. Compared with relying entirely on the teaching of extracurricular training teachers, extracurricular teaching with parents participating in the study is more cost-effective. Parents can teach their children in person before they go to school, and can accompany them to participate in extracurricular teaching in the lower grades of primary school, which is the most cost-effective. Parents who are still in the early stages of their children\’s early years and primary grades, it is best to seize the opportunity, get involved in their children\’s learning in a down-to-earth manner, and grow and progress together with their children!

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