Excellent family education concepts are inseparable from these 4 sentences

There is a sentence in \”The Little Prince\”: \”The most conquering weapon in the world is language. One sentence can make a person\’s mood fall to the bottom, and one sentence can also make a person regain his strength.\” This sentence is also applicable to Family education. Recommended classic book: The main content of The Education of Love pdf + audio For children, parents are the most important people in the world, and every word parents say may have a profound impact on their children. Far-sighted parents will say these 4 things to their children. 01 \”I love you\” lets the child know that he is loved. In many articles about fathers and mothers, we often see words like this: It was not until later that I understood that the unspoken love of parents has actually always been They are all there, but we don\’t see them. When I see articles like this, I feel very sorry. We only see grown-up children finally being able to reconcile with their parents. But he didn\’t see that before they grew up, he had doubted whether he was loved many times because of his parents\’ awkward love. Chinese-style parents seem to be very bad at expressing love. Even if they care, they have to express it with accusations. Not to mention letting them say the straightforward \”I love you\”. Psychologist David Elkind said: \”What children need to know most is that they are important to their parents and will always be surrounded by love.\” A child who is convinced that he is loved unconditionally by his parents is confident and full of heart. My love, such children have the strongest sense of happiness. The couple Du Jiang and Huo Siyan never hesitate to express their love for their children. Huo Siyan would tell Uh-huh: \”After the B-ultrasound, my mother cried when she saw your photo. Your dad put the first photo of you in his wallet, and you knew that your mom and dad had I love you so much.\” Du Jianghui hummed and suddenly asked: \”Do you love me? Do you love me?\” He replied without hesitation: \”I love you so much.\” Say love to your children more, and you will get children in return Double the love. There is no need to be silent when it comes to children. Tell them boldly how much you love them! Your child will not be spoiled by your abundant love, he will only grow up happily with a sense of security. 02 \”I\’m sorry\” Educate others first. We are not perfect parents. In the process of educating our children, we will always hurt our children because of mistakes of one kind or another. But making a mistake is not terrible. What is terrible is that after making a mistake, you still pretend to be a parent and refuse to say sorry to your child. In fact, our children are very tolerant, so tolerant that an apology from their parents can make them forget the previous hurt, wipe away their tears, and smile sweetly at you again. In a variety show, Hu Ke was delayed in taking Xiao Yuer for a physical examination, making Anji, who had already finished school, wait for a long time at school. Anji waited too long and started to get emotional. Even when she called her mother, she lost her temper and cried, and said angrily: \”I don\’t want to wait for you anymore. When will you come?\” When Hu Ke went to pick up Anji, he left. It was more than an hour after school. When she saw her mother, Anji was angry and ignored her. Hu Ke immediately apologized to An Ji: \”I took my brother for a physical examination today, so I wasted time. I\’m sorry.\” An Ji listened to Hu Ke\’s apology., gave my mother a snail I drew to express my dissatisfaction, and then generously forgave my mother. Raise yourself first when raising children. Educating children is actually a process of self-growth for parents. If you love your children, you can give everything for them. In comparison, isn\’t it much simpler to just say \”I\’m sorry\”? I hope every parent who has made a mistake can say \”I\’m sorry\” to their children in time. 03 \”I believe in you\” gives children enough trust and love. The China Youth Research Center conducted a survey: \”The 10 things that primary and secondary school students like most about their parents.\” 63.5% of the children chose \”Trust me\”. It seems to be natural for children to trust their parents and rely on them unconditionally from birth. However, this kind of trust also requires careful care by parents. First, he must live up to his children\’s trust and keep his word to his children. Second, you must give back the same trust to your children. I saw a piece of news. A father in Chongqing received a call from the police. A car owner called the police and said that his car was scratched eight times in the parking lot in the afternoon, and he suspected that it was done by his children. The father rushed to the police station to check the surveillance system, and sure enough, he saw his son next to the car. So, the father compensated the car owner 3,500 yuan for repair costs. Although he lost money, based on his understanding of his son, his father believed that his son was not lying when he kept saying it was not him. He took the initiative to contact the police officer in charge of the case. The responsible police officer used his rest time to carefully watch the surveillance video and finally confirmed that the car had been scratched before entering the parking lot, and the child did not lie. The father and the police officer spent three whole days to clear the child\’s innocence with their own hands. The car owner also sincerely apologized to the child and refunded the repair fee. Being wrongfully accused was originally a bad thing, but because he had a father who trusted his child and a responsible police officer, this incident not only did not leave a shadow on the child, but instead became a warm memory for the child. Therefore, please give your children enough trust and love. 04 \”Thank you\” Sometimes, giving will make children feel happier than taking. In family education, it is easy for us to fall into a misunderstanding, that is, unilaterally giving everything to our children without knowing how to ask for them. There are often two consequences of this: either the child will be raised to be an ungrateful white-eyed wolf; or the child will want to escape due to a sense of debt. There is this scene in the TV series \”Little Joy\”: Song Qian wanted Yingzi to relax, so she took her to see a movie. It turned out that Yingzi had seen the movie but didn\’t tell her, so the mother and daughter had a dispute. \”If you had told me you had seen it earlier, why would you waste time here?\” \”Didn\’t you tell me to relax?\” \”I asked you to relax, but you can watch a movie twice and you have nothing to do? This makes sense. \”Isn\’t it meaningful? Isn\’t it meaningful to make you happy?\” \”I want to make you happy!\” Seeing this scene, I was very touched. The mother and daughter were obviously thinking about each other. The mother wanted her daughter to relax, and her daughter I also wanted to make my mother happy, but ended up being unhappy. In fact, the problem lies in Song Qian\’s habit of unilaterally paying attention to Yingzi., she was unwilling to accept Yingzi\’s waste of time to make herself happy. It is precisely because Yingzi has been in such a family for a long time that she goes from cheerful to depressed. She is dissatisfied with her mother\’s control, but she also knows that her mother really loves her very much, so she cannot resist this kind of debt and can only suffer by herself. Writer Liang Xiaosheng said: \”Love is two-way. There is only the love of parents for their children, without the love of children for their parents. This kind of love is incomplete. Parents raise children, and children respect their parents. Love is the common feeling and care in the world.\” When your children give to you, please accept it gladly and express your love and gratitude. Sometimes, giving makes your children happier than taking. How to Improve Emotional Intelligence Education Piggy and Elephant picture book Elephant and Piggie, 25 volumes in total PDF + reading package + video + audio A child\’s future is hidden in the mouths of his parents. How the parents speak will determine the kind of life their children will have. Education cannot be turned back, so parents need to continue to learn and grow, and love their children in the way they like, so that their children will grow up confidently and bravely.

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