Family style is the best 21st century real estate for a home

Cai Yuanpei once wrote in \”The Cultivation of Chinese People\”: \”Family is the first school in life. The so-called character that never changes without leaving its roots is probably embryonic in the family.\” A good family tradition is very important. It also benefits from inheritance. If good character cultivation, living habits and even a skill are passed on to future generations, it will have a profound impact on future generations. A good family tradition is worth thousands of prestigious schools. Good family tradition requires good learning. Writer Qian Zhongshu grew up under the influence of good family tradition. Qian Zhongshu\’s father, Qian Jibo, a master of Chinese studies, is a famous Chinese professor at Tsinghua University. He prefers ancient books. He always reads and copies books and writes his own opinions on excerpts. He was also extremely strict in disciplining his sons. When Qian Zhongshu was fifteen or sixteen years old, he was beaten for not studying hard. When Qian Zhongshu was studying, in addition to completing the homework required by the school, he also read ancient classics. This \”erudite scholar\” later inherited his father\’s rigorous academic style, studied in a down-to-earth manner, cherished time like gold, and was indifferent to fame and fortune. Even during the war, he did not stop working and writing. He devoted his life to literary research and introduced Chinese literature and art to the world. Qian Zhongshu always kept his father\’s teachings in mind and passed them on to his daughter Qian Yuan with practical actions. Like his father, Qian Yuan was indifferent to fame and wealth and never participated in sightseeing activities. When she went out for meetings or lectures, she would either go back to school immediately after the meeting, or read and prepare lessons in the hotel, rarely going out to play. In the late stage, he was feeling unwell and had difficulty moving while lying on the hospital bed, but he still kept his hands on the book and was diligent in thinking. The pursuit of knowledge has allowed generations of the Qian family to live a simple and outstanding life. A good family tradition requires good words, those who cannot get it will always be in turmoil, and those who are favored will feel confident. The family members who accompany you are like the most familiar strangers. He is the easiest to be hurt and the easiest to ignore. When we get used to receiving care from our loved ones, we unconsciously take it for granted, so we lose gratitude and become more picky. If something goes wrong, we will raise our eyebrows and raise our eyes. Our unkindness to our loved ones stems from our \”confidence\”. Only when a person is afraid of losing will he restrain himself. Only when we are sure that the love of our loved ones is inexhaustible will we be picky and malicious towards those around us. A kind word warms you for three winters, but a bad word hurts you for six months. Words from loved ones are often more damaging. An unintentional word may cause long-lasting wounds in the other person\’s heart. Don’t forget, there is only home where you are. Family members need more tenderness from us. Praise and thank you, don\’t take it for granted; encourage and affirm, don\’t ridicule and ridicule; discuss and suggest, don\’t communicate in a dominating manner; respond with sincerity, don\’t be perfunctory; when there are differences, don\’t use complaints to make the other party change. . In the name of love, speak well and convey your feelings intact. A good family tradition requires good deeds. The ancients said: \”If people like good things, even if the blessings have not yet come, the disasters will be far away. Good virtues carry things, and good virtues support the family.\” When Fan Zhongyan was very young, he once found a fortune teller. When he met, he asked: \”Please help me see if I can become prime minister?\” The fortune teller was shocked. He asked Fan Zhongyan: \”At such a young age,Why do you speak so loudly? Fan Zhongyan was very embarrassed and said, \”Then you see if I can be a doctor?\” The fortune teller was a little puzzled and asked: \”Why are these two ambitions so different?\” Fan Zhongyan replied: \”Because only good looks and good doctors can save people.\” After hearing this, the fortune teller was very moved and said to Fan Zhongyan: \”You have such a kind heart, you will definitely be the prime minister in the future.\” \”Fan Zhongyan later became an important minister of the imperial court. He helped students, reduced corvee labor, established charity fields, and benefited the world with his good deeds. He also used the salary he had saved over the years to establish a charity village in his hometown. His descendants continued and continued his good deeds. There are countless successful people in the family, and the family business is prosperous. Good family tradition and good family training stories create good children. 100-day plan for parent-child interaction pdf. In the past, family tradition was the inheritance foundation of the entire big family; now, family tradition is still the inheritance of each small family. The foundation for a foothold. A good family tradition has a profound impact on the next generation, and even determines the attitude and confidence of children in dealing with others when they go out. A good family tradition is the real real estate of the family. Please click [Like] 】, I wish your children and grandchildren in your family continued blessings!

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