From the eldest child to the third child, from anxiety to calmness, what do you think of the child getting sick?

It is said that when a new life comes to the world, holding its soft and fragile body, every adult will make a wish with great piety in their hearts, child, as long as you are healthy. But as an old mother, I gradually understood that health in the true sense is not a small goal at all. A few days ago, it was reported that the third child had a fever. Many mothers asked Xiaoli how to deal with the fever. Alas, after three children came along, I actually had a lot to say. Since Xiaopai was born more than 9 years ago, and now she has two children and three children, she has experienced fevers of various sizes, dozens or twenty times. When Xiaopai was little, I was still confused as a mother. Once my child’s fever reached 38.5, I would jump up and down anxiously, and I would take Motrin and Tylenol in turn. Sometimes I have to go to the hospital and register for treatment for a long time, which makes my father and I have no love. The outpatient hall of the Municipal Maternity and Infant Hospital is always crowded, and there is only a long queue but no tail. At that time, I could not register. The Maternal and Infant Hospital also launched an expedited registration service. For an extra few dozen yuan, the nurse could go to the doctor to add a registration. I also I specially applied for an expedited registration card. I checked my wallet yesterday and found out that this card had not been used for several years. I counted it in my mind. In the past three or four years, except for Ning Ning, who had two dislocated arms, and two small children, we had almost no health care or vaccinations. I took my child to the hospital. If you think about it carefully, it\’s not that the child is no longer sick, but that Dad and I are more calm than before when facing the child\’s discomfort. Knowing when to go to the hospital and under what circumstances can be observed and cared for at home. Because of this calmness, the frequency of children getting sick has gradually decreased. Teacher Li Xin\’s \”Lectures on Children\’s Health\” mentioned, \”When a child is sick, what parents need to do most is to feel at ease and calm down. There is a type of parents who don\’t have much medical knowledge, but they don\’t panic when things happen. Observe the children\’s relationships and reactions in all aspects, and make judgments about subsequent trends; the other type of parents are prone to panic when things happen, especially when their children are sick. They look for various solutions randomly, and sometimes bring out bad emotions. At this time, it is easy to make wrong judgments and choices, causing the child\’s illness to enter a vicious cycle.\” To put it simply, adults and children have a fixed mind. It is easy for the doctor to see the child, and it is easy for the child\’s illness to be cured. After several years of practice, I am convinced by this sentence. I highly recommend this book. I have read it several times. Speaking of fever, it was only when I read the book \”Disease is Educated\” two years ago that I learned that fever is the body\’s natural weapon against pathogens, and many important reactions are It must be activated by a fever. But many times, just when the child\’s body temperature rises and he is ready to fight the pathogen, ignorant adults use antipyretics to force the child\’s body temperature down. Once the antipyretic medicine wears off, the child\’s body temperature will rise even higher, otherwise it will be impossible to expel the powerful invader. Seeing this, I understood why I used to give Xiaopai antipyretics, and the fever would always go away for a while, then the fever would go away and then again. Later, when the second and third children had fevers, I almost never used antipyretics, but the children usually The fever lasted for one day and subsided in two days at most. You don’t need antipyretics, what if it burns your brain?manage? When I read books and go to class with this question in mind, the answer gradually became clear. Xu Zimiao, the author of \”Diseases Are Taught\”, and last week in the class of senior pediatrician Clive, they all mentioned that what adults should do when their children have a fever is not to let the heat only concentrate on the head. Instead, find a way to spread the heat to your body and limbs. I had some pediatric massage with the Chinese medicine practitioner next to me. This time my third child’s fever reached 39.5 degrees, so I gave her Tianhe water. My mother also said that stroking the child’s spine from top to bottom for about 20 minutes can also help reduce the fever. In anthroposophical medicine, a whole lemon is put in a hot water basin, cut into pieces, and then the child\’s feet are soaked or bathed. If it is time to sleep at night, the lemon slices are placed on the soles of the child\’s feet. All will help reduce fever. I bought two lemons and my little one’s fever has gone down before I use them. I plan to use them to soak my feet. It is said to help me sleep. Every time a child has a fever, we will find that the child has grown up a little. No wonder there is a saying, \”No child can grow up without having a fever.\” My Lisa is 1 year old and 1 month old. After having a fever, she can obviously walk more steadily, and her little mouth is getting better and better at speaking. From the two repeated words \”Mom and Dad\” in the past, it has developed into two different words: \”Auntie, go up, go down.\” , and occasionally three words pop out. In addition to daily care, I also do one thing, which is to use a notebook to write down what happened before and after the child got sick. The process of the illness can also be recorded simply. A doctor friend gave me a template for reference. For example, what was the highest fever level, what method was used, and whether there was any improvement after that. The entire course of the disease lasted about a few days. I recorded it very simply, but it was this simple recording process that made me I gradually grasped the patterns of some children getting sick. For example, when we went to Yunnan during the Chinese New Year, on the one hand, our work schedule was irregular. We didn’t eat when we should eat, and we didn’t sleep when we should sleep. Moreover, in Yunnan, we traveled back and forth to three places! Especially Lisa and Ningning are too young. They receive too much external stimulation every day, and their bodies and brains cannot digest it. Yes, for babies, brain digestion is very important. I have heard a saying before that the structure of the brain is similar to that of the intestines, because they both need to digest things. The result was illness. Ning Ning started vomiting and had a fever two days after returning. Lisa was fine on the day she came back, but started having a fever and vomiting the next day. Every child reacts differently. Some may show discomfort right away, while others may lag for a few days. Growing up, my family often vomited when they were sick. I used to think that bad gastrointestinal problems were inherited, but later I found out after reading that many children actually vomited when they were sick. This is because once a person becomes sick, the gastrointestinal digestive function will weaken. Vomiting itself is a manifestation of the body\’s self-protection. If vomiting occurs frequently, be sure to pay attention to whether the child is dehydrated. If dehydrated, go to the hospital immediately. When Xiao Pai was 2 years old, my ignorant Pai dad and I drove to Sanya by ourselves. The whole journey was more than 1,200 kilometers, and we had to drive the car onto the ship and cross the ferry. The children were bored sitting in the car, so various snacks and fruits were served in turn.Before arriving in Sanya, the baby started to suffer from hyperemesis. I was so frightened that I ran to the hospital with my baby in my arms in the middle of the night to get an intravenous drip. During the Chinese New Year period, the hospital only had two or three doctors, but there were a lot of patients, all of whom were anxious. I held the baby in my arms, shivering in the cold wind, and waited for a long time, which made me very sick. Another benefit of recording your child\’s illness in writing is that if you need to see a doctor, this record allows the doctor to objectively see the progress of your child\’s illness. I remember that I didn’t have this habit before. I would rush to the hospital in a hurry, and the doctor would only look at you for a few minutes. I would hold the baby in my arms and talk to the doctor in a hurry, talking nonsense and talking nonsense. When I was holding the baby in my arms and waiting to get the medicine, I remembered that there were some conditions about the baby that I didn’t mention to the doctor at all. I secretly regretted whether it would affect the doctor’s judgment and prescribe the medicine inappropriately. The inner drama continued one after another. . Now, I can see it clearly just by taking out this notebook. In the past, when my child got sick, my first reaction was to find a doctor, see a doctor, and get rid of the symptoms quickly. Sometimes the elderly at home will ask if I ate the wrong thing, or if I caught a cold because I didn’t wear enough clothes. I still roll my eyes in my mind and feel very irritated. Why should I just see a doctor when I’m sick? Why do I have to find a reason? Even subconsciously, I feel, When the old man asked this question, he was blaming me for not taking good care of the child. But now I feel more and more that this kind of reflection is meaningful. When a child is sick, don\’t rush to help her eliminate the symptoms, but observe what the child went through before getting sick. Whether it is eating the wrong thing, a sudden change in the weather, losing a tooth, being too tired from playing the day before, or even a quarrel between parents, all these will have a direct and indirect impact on the child\’s body. There are accidental factors to the disease, but more often than not, the child\’s daily routine is disrupted, and the child\’s sleep, diet, and mood are all disrupted. Of course, such a review may not necessarily reveal the cause every time, but by always paying attention to the child\’s life with such awareness, you will slowly be able to discover some clues. Now that schools are out for summer vacation, I believe there will be many families traveling with their babies. If they are children under six or seven years old, it is best not to participate in group tours that are quick and easy. It is more suitable to travel slowly and leisurely on your own. My eldest brother will go to Taiwan with his father, and the second and third children are still too young. As an old mother, I can only stay in my hometown, cry silently in the circle of friends, and travel around the world.

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