Giving your children appropriate punishment is the only way to truly love your children

Is punishment necessary? The answer is yes. Every mother loves her children, but once this love is separated from the close supervision of reason, the children will suffer in the future. Punishment is an art of frustration, and mothers should apply it reasonably. They should neither pamper their children too much, give them no punishment, nor punish them excessively. Punishment requires precise timing. \”Hitting\” is the worst and last method of punishing children. It is not considered to be an educational content at all. It can only be used in extreme situations, when all milder methods have been tried and failed. Essentials for Family Education: How to Encourage Children\’s Progress and Self-Confidence – 70 episodes. However, sometimes children have many unreasonable demands. How to control children\’s unreasonable demands? First of all, please think twice before using punishment and give your child at least one chance to change. Don\’t hit your child with your hands, either, because hands are used to express love—to hold, hug, pat, and caress. The intimidation of the eyes and the indifference of the expression can also work. You must know that not giving a reward is itself a punishment. After punishing the child, you must seize the opportunity to comfort the child, explain the reason for the child\’s obedience, and let the punishment have a loving ending. Punishment should not be a knot in a child\’s mind, but should be an art of frustration. Thank you for punishment, because only by accepting lessons can you avoid greater blows from society! It is worth noting that corporal punishment must be appropriate, because inappropriate corporal punishment can easily lead to violence in children. In addition, it also causes children to prematurely believe psychologically that they are not good children, and are prone to giving up on themselves and heading towards illegal crimes. Infancy and early childhood is a critical period for shaping children\’s good conduct, so children must be disciplined early! Adults should let children firmly remember that \”it is wrong to disrespect others, and it is even more inappropriate to bully others. If you do something wrong, you will have to bear the consequences.\” Nine times out of ten, if you don\’t know how to tolerate the unsatisfactory things in life, you will not be able to adapt to society. For the sake of your children\’s life, you must discipline them when they need to be disciplined, and punish them when they need to be punished.

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