Having breastfeeding difficulties? I recommend a few solutions that obstetric midwives use after giving birth!

Breast milk is the best gift God has given us. From the time we were born, the best gift is our mother\’s milk. It is easy to carry and has the right temperature. Mother Bear has come to popularize the knowledge of breast milk. I can tell you quietly that Xiong Bao is two years and eight months old and is still breast-feeding. Why breastfeed? Many mothers feel that the milk powder on the market today is not more nutritious than breast milk? Mother Bear tells you that breast milk is the most ideal natural food for babies. Breast milk contains various nutrients necessary for the growth and development of infants and young children. It is extremely important for the survival, growth, development, health and nutrition of infants and young children. Xiong Bao is an example. Although he is a bit fat because of his foodie nature, he is taller than other children of the same age, at 104cm. Breastfeeding is also good for mothers and is conducive to physical recovery. Breastfeeding can reduce the chance of women suffering from ovarian cancer and breast cancer. Breastfeeding mothers lose weight faster and more effectively after childbirth. Then the question comes. After talking about so many benefits of breast milk, many mothers wonder how to have sufficient breast milk? First of all, if you want to start breastfeeding this morning, what does it mean as early as possible? In the past, it has been believed that breastfeeding can begin after 12 hours after birth, and before that, the baby can be fed a little sugar water. However, the latest view is that the breastfeeding start time should not exceed half an hour except for special reasons. Let the baby suck the nipple on his own. Frequent stimulation can make the mother\’s body produce more prolactin, promote the mother\’s milk secretion, and contribute to the success of early breastfeeding. Mama Bear, a midwife, revealed additional information that sucking the baby’s nipples can help the uterus contract and reduce postpartum bleeding. Colostrum should be fed as it is rich in nutrients and contains a variety of active ingredients. Colostrum is yellow and viscous. Many mothers think that only milky white colostrum can be fed to their babies. This is not true. Breastfeeding is on-demand breastfeeding, not scheduled. As long as the baby has a desire to eat, it can be satisfied at any time. After childbirth, try to exclusively breastfeed. Although exclusive breastfeeding is difficult to achieve, in order for the baby to have a safe mouthful of milk, we still advocate exclusive breastfeeding until six months. The nutrition and immune function of breast milk can protect the baby for life. Some common questions about breastfeeding: Does breastfeeding require water? Breast milk contains enough water to meet your baby\’s water needs. Drinking large amounts of water can also put a strain on a baby\’s already delicate kidneys. How do you know if you are getting enough breast milk? You should know that when the baby is full, he will fall asleep sweetly after eating, but do not develop the habit of sucking the nipple to sleep. This will make it easy for the mother to rely on milk to sleep, and the mother will have a hard time later. You can touch the baby while breastfeeding. Ears, remind him not to sleep too much before he is full. You should also observe your baby\’s bowel and bladder condition every day. Under normal circumstances, there should be 2 to 3 bowel movements a day. You should also check whether your baby\’s weight has increased every month. If breast milk is insufficient, add formula milk appropriately. Can I get pregnant while breastfeeding? Many mothers have no menstruation or irregular menstruation when breastfeeding, but this does not mean that they are not ovulating. Therefore, they should pay attention to contraception when breastfeeding, especially mothers who have had a cesarean section. Contraceptive methods should be used as far as possible, and oral medications should not be used. What should I do if I don’t have enough breast milk? Without special reasons,After delivery, the hospital will start breastfeeding as soon as possible and instruct the mother on how to breastfeed. However, some objective reasons may also lead to insufficient breast milk, such as incorrect posture, separation of mother and baby for special reasons, premature use of bottles, etc., which will cause the baby to be unwilling to suck breast milk. If the milk is insufficient, you have to choose to increase the quality of milk. No matter what the reason is, the mother must face it with confidence. Although the milk is low, she must continue to feed, do not overwork, keep a happy mood, and sleep well. If enough, the diet should be improved, drink more chicken soup, crucian carp soup, pork ribs soup, Chinese medicine conditioning, and even choose a prolactinist for lactation. What to do if there is too much milk secretion? Since there are mothers with insufficient milk, there must be mothers with engorged milk. Mother Bear is an example. Because she was too lazy to sleep and drank too much nutritious soup too early, she secreted too much milk. On the third day after giving birth, her breasts were as big as stones. , I really felt the pain of not daring to get up. Because of the swelling, it is difficult for the breast ducts to flow out, causing the naughty child to be unable to suck out milk and starve for a day. I was able to skillfully guide others on how to solve postpartum breastfeeding problems, but I was confused and secretly wiped away tears. After thinking about it in front of the wall, I silently started to deal with it myself. First, apply a hot towel to make the breast ducts unobstructed. The water temperature should not be too high. It is your own flesh, so don\’t burn it. Then massage, massage along the breast duct, then hold the breast in a C shape with your hands, first press against the chest wall, then press the areola with your thumb and index finger, squeeze out some milk, and slowly the breast will become softer and easier for the baby to suck. Some people They will say, you are stupid, you have a breast pump and don’t use it. Speaking from experience, it hurts. Because of the early breastfeeding, the nipples are very fragile. It is really painful to use a breast pump, and it can also cause cracked nipples. Once cracked nipples occur, treat them as soon as possible to prevent bacterial invasion and cause mastitis. After using the medicine, remember to wash it before breastfeeding to prevent the baby from eating it. If the bloated milk is not treated in time and causes mastitis or fever, go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. If the medication affects breast milk during treatment, stop breastfeeding, but empty the breasts at any time. Mother Bear still feels that the postpartum diet should be gradual based on the characteristics of physiological changes and should not be rushed. Especially right after childbirth, the function of the spleen and stomach has not yet recovered, the mammary glands have begun to secrete milk, and the mammary gland ducts are not smooth enough, so it is not suitable to eat a large amount of greasy lactation-inducing foods; use less frying in cooking and eat more stews with soup that are easy to digest; the food should be It is better to be on the lighter side, follow the tradition of \”clean before delivery and warm after delivery\”, eat less cold food; avoid eating malt, malted milk, beer, etc. that affect milk secretion. During breastfeeding, mothers must control their mouths and eat as little of the following foods as possible: Chives are cool foods that have the effect of reducing lactation. ?Ginseng, it is best not for pregnant women to eat. It not only has the effect of reducing milk, but also easily causes uterine contraction and bleeding. ?Malt drinks, fried malt has the effect of reducing milk. ?Alcohol, drinking in moderation can help with milk secretion, but excessive amounts will reduce the milk ejection reflex. ?Milk, those with a family history of allergies should avoid it. ?Irritating foods, coffee, tea, chocolate, cola and other beverages will indirectly stimulate the baby and cause the baby to cry in the middle of the night.

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