He is clearly the son of a \”stock god\”, but he rents a house, drives a second-hand car, and takes out a loan to buy a house… The truth behind this has silenced all parents

Renting a house, driving a second-hand car, buying a house with a loan… these words may be difficult for people to associate with success. However, Peter was successful. He pursued his dream alone, went through twists and turns, and relied on his own efforts to become a well-known musician. He scored the Oscar-winning film \”Dances with Wolves\” and the American Indian documentary \”500 Tribes.\” He also planned, wrote, and produced the musical and dance drama \”Soul\” and won the highest award in the American television industry. \”Emmy Awards.\” Perhaps the name Peter will be unfamiliar to most people, but if you mention his father\’s name, no one will not know that his father is the extremely wealthy \”stock god\” Warren Buffett. Peter\’s full name For Peter Buffett. In this way, Peter is truly a super \”rich second generation\”. You could have relied on your father for a living, but you had to rely on your talent. For Peter, his life motto is: the greatest wealth in life is to be yourself. When faced with Peter giving up his studies for his music dream, Buffett made no comments or suggestions. He just said seriously, \”Peter, do you know? You and I are actually doing the same thing. Music is your canvas, Buffett.\” Xir Hathaway is my canvas, and I paint a few strokes on it every day.\” Buffett compared his son\’s work with his own successful career, and viewed the lives they pursued equally. Peter asked his father to borrow money for the first time, but Buffett refused. The reason was simple: money would complicate our pure father-son relationship. You should take out a loan to buy a house like other Americans and then repay the loan through your own efforts. That year, Peter was 19 years old. Although he did not receive help from his father, he found his life goal of striving for music throughout his life. This reminds me of these two classic conversations: An American child asked his father: \”Are we rich?\” His father replied: \”I am rich, but you are not.\” A Chinese child asked his father : \”Are we rich?\” Dad answered him: \”My family has a lot of money. When I die, it will all be yours in the future.\” But the result is that American children will work hard on their own when they are young, and when they inherit the inheritance from their parents The ancestral business will be passed down in this way, and after a few generations, it will become a century-old enterprise; the children of the rich in China have been spoiled since childhood. Before their father died, they began to spend a lot of money and do nothing all day long. When they took over their father\’s property, they quickly squandered it all. Chinese children are both the happy and the most unfortunate. The happy thing is that no matter what difficulties we encounter, there is always someone to protect us. Whether it is going to school, choosing a school, filling out a volunteer, choosing a major, getting married, working, etc., there are a series of multiple-choice questions for us. Unfortunately, in this kind of gentle countryside, children slowly give up the right to take the initiative and give up. They lost their independent personality and the ability to face life alone. They lived like their parents. My uncle\’s family is very wealthy and he is the chairman of a certain company, but he also raised a Chinese-style \”domineering\” son. Qiqi is 15 years old this year. She is lazy, has a bad temper, and has no respect. There is nothing her uncle and aunt can do about her. Based on his usual academic performance, there was no hope for him to take the high school entrance examination, so heHe chose the usual path for rich children – to study abroad. Fortunately, his English scores were pretty good, he passed IELTS, went to a university in Australia, and lived in a resident\’s home. When we came back from the Christmas vacation, what surprised us was that Qiqi seemed to be a different person. He could do anything and manage everything on his own: folding the quilt after getting up, washing the dishes after eating, cleaning the room, etc. She washes her own clothes and becomes polite to others… This change all started with Qiqi\’s landlord Alice. As soon as Qiqi settled down, Alice said something to him: \”I don\’t owe you anything. I have no need to be responsible for you. You must be responsible for yourself. We are just a landlord and tenant.\” After dinner , the foreign aunt said to him again: \”You are 15 years old and have basic living abilities, so from tomorrow on, you have to get up according to your class time. I am not responsible for calling you. You have to make breakfast by yourself, Because I have to go to work, it is impossible to make breakfast for you; after eating, you have to clean the plates and bowls yourself, because I am not responsible for washing the dishes for you, that is not my responsibility. In short, you have to try your best to solve your own problems Life issues. Because I have my own things to do, I hope your arrival will not cause me any trouble!\” The landlord\’s straightforwardness, perhaps a little ruthless, really \”bluffed\” Qiqi. From then on, Qi began to learn to wash clothes and clean the room by herself… Thinking about it carefully, Alice\’s approach was harsh but correct. Alice did not owe Qi Qi anything. Qi Qi was already 15 years old, and he could do many things by himself. Why do more for him when he can take care of himself? There is a kind of love called letting go. It is said very well. Children are very good. They have the ability to create a better life on their own. Perhaps the future they find by themselves is better than what their parents provide. Parents are often reluctant to say harsh words and do \”extreme things\” because they dote on their children, and this precisely delays the growth of their children. We must always remember that we do not owe our children anything. Children need to learn the ability to be independent, and one day we will withdraw from our children\’s lives, and they will eventually face the world alone! Therefore, from now on, parents are asked to talk to their children more often: \”Child, parents don\’t owe you anything.\” \”This is your own business, not what parents should do.\” \”Child, you You have to rely on your own efforts instead of asking your parents to help you with everything.\” \”My child, your future is your own, and your parents can\’t help you.\” \”My child, what you want, you have to fight for it yourself.\”

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