He is the \”Witch Boy\” who explodes in the circle of friends and changes his destiny with just one drop of water.

▲Do you still remember this shocking photo? This was a photo that went viral around the world early last year. A white woman was feeding water to a skinny, dirty and smelly little African boy. This may be the first time the little boy has received care and kindness from others since he was born. ▲Let us see this little boy again one year later. Can you still recognize him? The chubby little face, carrying a small schoolbag, and the same drinking posture reveal a full sense of happiness! A child who was once close to death has now grown up like this. ▼(The video is very short, so you should watch it even if you don’t have wifi) Let’s review the scene again. This little boy was regarded as a \”witch boy\” by his family when he was born. The whole family where he lived shunned \”witch boys\” like him. No one was willing to take care of him, let alone adopt him, so the little boy was Abandoned on the roadside, left to fend for himself. For the past eight months, the little boy had been relying on some food scraps given by passers-by to sustain his life, struggling to grow up…until he met the angelic Loven. ▲Anja Ringgren Loven This kind-hearted and beautiful woman is called Anja Ringgren Loven, a Danish native who lives in Africa all year round. Three years ago, she established a charity to help children labeled as \”witch children\”. In January 2016, she and her husband David Emmanuel Umem also built an orphanage. ▲Loven with her husband and son When Loven found the little boy, he was extremely weak and could barely stand. There were various wounds on his body, some of which had festered and were even infested with insects. So Loven immediately gave him water and food. ▲Loven hugged the little boy. Loven immediately wrapped the little boy in a blanket and sent him to the rescue center. At this time, someone still told her that the little boy was a \”witch star\” and that she should stay away from him and leave him alone. However, Loven didn\’t give up on him. ▲Loven and the staff at the rescue center bathed the little boy. At the rescue center, Loven and the staff bathed the little boy, performed a full body examination, cleaned the wound, dewormed, and infused him with fluids… and allowed him to receive various treatments. Fortunately, the little boy has no serious illness, but he is quite weak and needs good care. After that, Loven also gave him a loud and nice name – \”Hope\”. ▲Loven takes good care of him, and Hope looks much better than before. What a cute little boy. ▲Must be influenced by his mother. Loven’s son likes Hope very much and treats him as his own brother. From then on, Hope no longer had to worry about going hungry or freezing in her new home. Hope is unfortunate, but he is also lucky! ▲Hope seems to be in pretty good condition. The two little guys are playing and doodling together. ▲Hope feels particularly secure in the arms of Loven’s mother ▲The kind and beautiful Loven and the healthy and lovely Hope▲Loven holds the healthy and lively Hope▲After drinking this sipWater, Hope is going to school! It is true that Hope was raised healthily, it is true that Hope became lively and cute, and it is even more true that Loven has a sincere, beautiful and kind heart. The first drink of water that Loven gave Hope was more than just a sip of water. It was a watering of love and a saving of life. I believe Loven’s son will also have a pure love when he grows up. Because children\’s education is a lifelong issue, and parents play a very important role in their children\’s education. In fact, parents are their children\’s best role models and teachers, and their words and deeds have already had a huge impact on their children. Loven is the messenger of love. She believes that her words and deeds have long-term and continuous influence and are passed on to her children. Only when parents do well can children do better. I hope that all children in the world can be treated gently by the world.

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