Height and weight standard table for children aged 0-15 [latest version]

The growth of children\’s height and weight is a continuous process. The premise of height and weight management is that parents need to accurately monitor their children\’s height and weight indicators in real time to see whether the child is overweight, underweight, super tall or short. Look at many previous standards on the Internet, they are all different. Doudehui has compiled the latest data standards for parents’ reference. First of all, let me explain that compared with the past, most children in reality today are very tall and overweight. So parents will say that this standard is too low. I would like to say that it is okay for children to be higher than the standard, because the improvement of living standards will affect the overall height and weight. It does not matter if it is significantly higher. As long as the height-to-weight ratio is controlled, the child will be healthy (the ratio of physical education scores in primary and secondary schools is It’s a matter of points). The standards are provided as a reference for parents. Especially high and low standards still need to be paid attention to. How to grow taller? A professor from Peking Union Medical College Hospital teaches you that your child will grow 10cm in one movement. Of course, there is another issue that cannot be ignored, that is, due to genetics, physiological development and other factors, children may grow earlier or later. I have a male classmate who is a junior high school student. , in high school, it was like a different person in an instant, Lao Gao jumped up. The latest children\’s height and weight standard values. The height and weight of girls at 1 year old: standard height is 75.5cm, standard weight is 9.4kg; 2 years old: standard height is 87.2cm, standard weight is 11.9kg; 3 years old: standard height is 95.6cm, standard weight is 14.1kg; 4 years old: standard height is 103.1cm, standard weight is 16.2kg; 5 years old: standard height is 110.2cm, standard weight is 18.3kg; 6 years old: standard height is 116.6cm, standard weight is 20.4kg; 7 years old : Standard height is 122.5cm, standard weight is 22.6kg; 8 years old: standard height is 128.5cm, standard weight is 25.3kg; 9 years old: standard height is 134.1cm, standard weight is 28.2kg; 10 years old: standard height is 140.1 cm, the standard weight is 31.8kg; 11 years old: the standard height is 146.6cm, the standard weight is 36.1kg; 12 years old: the standard height is 152.4cm, the standard weight is 40.8kg; 13 years old: the standard height is 156.3cm, the standard weight is 44.8kg; 14 years old: standard height is 158.6cm, standard weight is 47.8kg; 15 years old: standard height is 159.8cm, standard weight is 49.8kg. For girls, 10-13 years old is the stage of fastest growth in height during adolescence, and they must be grasped to successfully grow into a slim and beautiful girl. Height and weight of boys: 1-year-old: standard height is 76.5cm, standard weight is 10.1kg; 2-year-old: standard height is 88.2cm, standard weight is 12.5kg; 3-year-old: standard height is 97.5cm, standard weight is 14.6kg; 4-year-old: Standard height is 104.1cm, standard weight is 16.6kg; 5 years old: standard height is 111.3cm, standard weight is 18.9kg; 6 years old: standard height is 117.2cm, standard weight is 21.3kg; 7 years old: standard height is 124.1cm, standard weight is 23.8kg; 8 years old: standard height is 130.0cm, standard weight is 26.0kg; 9 years old: standard Height is 135.0cm, standard weight is 28.0kg; 10 years old: standard height is 140.0cm, standard weight is 32.0kg; 11 years old: standard height is 146.0cm, standard weight is 37.0kg; 12 years old: standard height is 152.0cm, The standard weight is 41.0kg; 13 years old: the standard height is 160.0cm, the standard weight is 45.0kg; 14 years old: the standard height is 165.0cm, the standard weight is 48.0kg; 15 years old: the standard height is 169.0cm, the standard weight is 50.0kg . For boys, physical development is about 2 years later, and most boys grow faster in junior high school. There are three stages of children\’s physical growth and development: 1, 4-6 years old, and the foundation-laying stage. Children between the ages of 4 and 6 may have mostly similar heights and will not experience explosive growth. But parents should not be negligent because of this. Many children have bad habits of being picky eaters, partial eclipses, and not interested in exercising, which is very detrimental to the body\’s nutrient reserves and ensuring rapid growth and development in the next stage. 2. 7-16 years old, rapid development stage. After a child reaches the age of 7, he or she will enter a stage of rapid physical growth, which generally lasts until about the age of 16. In these ten years, the child\’s height and weight will increase at a rate visible to the naked eye. Children at this stage will have a greatly increased appetite, as well as increased risks of overeating, constipation, and spleen deficiency. Therefore, parents should not only pay attention to their children\’s reasonable diet, but also pay attention to their children\’s digestive problems. In normal times, you can often give your children some digestive products such as Golden Thorn Water to prevent them from overeating and constipation due to increased appetite, affecting digestion and nutrient absorption, and even affecting physical development. 3. After the age of 17, the final sprint stage. Once a child reaches the age of 16, it is difficult for his or her height to increase significantly. Parents should urge their children to go out and exercise more. Firstly, exercise can promote body metabolism and help gastrointestinal digestion and absorption; secondly, it can also promote bone development to a certain extent.

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