How are children’s birthmarks caused?

\”Children kissed by angels\” often refer to children with birthmarks or some physical defects. They are born with \”brands\” and always receive more attention from their parents. Due to birthmarks, most parents are afraid that their children will have low self-esteem and that their future lives will be affected, so they often encourage their children to become optimistic and cheerful. Speaking of \”birthmarks\”, everyone must be familiar with it. Many people have birthmarks on their bodies, with different shapes and different locations. Generally, birthmarks are \”accompanying\” us from the fetal stage. As the age increases after birth, the birthmarks may gradually become larger. Birthmarks are “pigmentation” that the fetus is born with after birth. If it is located on the face, it will greatly affect the appearance and give many parents a headache. In fact, from a medical point of view, these pigmentations are abnormal proliferation of skin tissue. Some birthmarks will slowly disappear, while others will directly accompany the child throughout his life. In fact, birthmarks are not only related to genetic factors, but also closely related to some habits of pregnant mothers during pregnancy. Case: Alan\’s daughter has had an obvious birthmark on the right side of her face since she was born. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! The appearance of such a disharmonious patch of pigmentation on a fair and tender face directly plunged the family into sorrow. Of course, their worry is not that they dislike the child, but that they are very worried about the child\’s future, especially after the child goes to school. This birthmark will definitely cause some trouble to the child, and even have a certain impact on the child\’s psychology. Especially the child\’s grandmother started crying on the spot and asked the doctor over and over again: \”Why does my granddaughter have a birthmark on her face? How will this affect the child\’s life in the future? I feel so sorry for my precious grandson!\” Seeing the old lady so sad, the doctor felt very uncomfortable, but he still explained calmly: \”Don\’t worry, some birthmarks will disappear. Even if they don\’t disappear, they can be treated with surgery in the later stage.\” As for why this birthmark occurred, I have to ask your daughter-in-law. This birthmark on your baby is caused by pigmentation, and it has a lot to do with some bad living habits of the pregnant mother during pregnancy. \”Listen. At this point, Alan also admitted with self-blame: \”It\’s all my fault. I usually like to drink some wine. Every time when you are not around, I always like to drink a few drinks secretly. I thought it would be fine, but I didn\’t expect that it would affect the children. , I feel sorry for the child.\” After hearing this, the mother-in-law and husband were also very angry, and the atmosphere became tense for a time. Many people believe that children’s birthmarks are closely related to their parents’ genetics, but in fact, the rate of birthmarks due to genetic factors is not large. Some \”bad habits\” of pregnant mothers during pregnancy may also cause the baby to have birthmarks. I hope mothers must pay attention to them and never take them to heart. Next, let’s take a look at what habits during pregnancy can lead to the appearance of fetal birthmarks. •Bad living and eating habits can easily cause birthmarks in babiesThe first is bad living and eating habits, which are closely related to the formation of birthmarks. Pregnant mothers always stay up late, always eat all kinds of unhealthy snacks and snacks, have no taboo on heavy flavors, and always play in front of the computer and mobile phone all day long… These will cause certain stimulation to the fetus and cause pigment to precipitate in the body. It can even \”radiate\” to the baby in the belly, causing the child to increase the possibility of birthmarks. • Long-term negative emotions of pregnant mothers can easily lead to birthmarks on the baby. During pregnancy, pregnant mothers who are depressed and angry for a long time will also increase the possibility of birthmarks on their children. Long-term depression and sensitivity will cause hormone changes in the body, irritating the baby in the belly, thereby increasing the possibility of birthmarks. Therefore, during pregnancy, the mother should try her best to maintain a peaceful and happy mood. •Bumps and bumps in the abdomen will increase the possibility of birthmarks in the child. Finally, it is the effect of external force. During pregnancy, some careless mothers may have bumps and bumps. Especially when there is an impact on the abdomen, if the child\’s blood vessels and skin are squeezed, it may cause birthmarks in the child. I hope mothers can pay more attention to avoid impact on the abdomen and be careful. If a child has a birthmark after birth, parents should not be too anxious and calmly find out the cause of the birthmark. As long as it is not a pathological cause, parents can pay more attention to the color and scope of the birthmark and communicate with the doctor. Generally speaking, through later treatment, birthmarks can be gradually faded and reduced, and will not affect the child\’s normal life in the future. Children\’s birthmarks are not only affected by genetics, but are also inseparably linked to the above-mentioned reasons. I hope mothers can take it to heart and not let their carelessness and carelessness harm their children. Pregnant mothers must pay attention to the regularity and health of their living habits, protect themselves, maintain a happy mood, and allow the baby to develop healthily in the mother\’s belly. Finally, I hope that every mother can give birth to a healthy baby safely, and that every family can be happy and harmonious.

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