How can children be successful? You can\’t live without these three types of dads

The famous British writer Herbert has a famous saying: \”A father is worth 100 principals.\” This shows that the father\’s position in the growth of his children is crucial. If the mother gives her child more warmth, the father is a light in the child\’s growth process, guiding the child in the direction forward. But it is not a good thing for children to have these three types of fathers. The father who is a bad role model saw a piece of news the day before yesterday that \”two elementary school students were fighting and their father had a fight.\” It was an eye-opener. The matter was quite simple. Two naughty boys were in the third grade and had some disputes at school. During morning exercises, one boy kicked the other\’s butt; one, unconvinced, tripped the other while he was pouring water. Originally, although the conflicts between the children were in full swing, they were relatively easy to control. Unexpectedly, the fathers of the two boys started a \”war\” in the parent WeChat group. The quarrel didn\’t matter. Instead, the two fathers took on the attitude of \”whoever doesn\’t come to make an appointment will give up\” and started fighting. One of them was hit on the head by another one with a U-shaped lock, and he went to the hospital. You guys are really annoying. Just like a netizen commented: \”Mom is so pitiful. She has to take care of the younger ones and also control the elder ones from acting up.\” The father\’s pattern determines the height of the child. Instead of actively resolving conflicts between children, conflicts escalate into social incidents of fights. Is this an example for a father? How could you show such a bad look to your children? As the saying goes, like father, like son. It is difficult to say that there is no trace of the father in the contradiction between the two children. Fighting is fun for a while, but misconceptions such as \”fighting violence with violence\” and \”not obeying the law\” will be planted in children\’s young hearts. Children\’s imitation ability is very strong, and most of their ways of dealing with problems are learned from adults. Who can predict what kind of flowers such bad seeds will bloom in the future? Rose, or poppy? Someone has done such a survey: 30% of college students think that they are simply the replica of their father; 50% of college students believe that their father\’s image and interests have a great influence on them; 60% of college students believe that the reason why they are excellent , Dad’s role model has a great influence. As a father, you should set an example through words and deeds. Being a good example is more powerful than the way you pump your fist. “Powerful” Dad Yes, fatherhood is a force. Some fathers make good use of their paternal authority to guide, motivate, and encourage their children; some fathers rely on their paternal authority to control, suppress, and shackle their children. For example, install surveillance cameras in children\’s rooms. Rely on the camera to see what your children are doing anytime, anywhere and whether they are violating their will. A father installed a surveillance camera in his daughter\’s room, and her mother objected, \”This is an invasion of privacy.\” The father brazenly said, \”She has no right to privacy until she is 16 years old!\” Why is this! Children are no longer children, but have become ornaments placed by parents in the window and livestock enclosed in fences! Such a \”powerful father\” is suffocating and intimidating. I am your father, do you have privacy with me? I am your father, you must listen to me; I am your father, how can I beat you?Got it! Because \”I am your father\”, I can hold you by the throat, influence your choices, and decide everything about you. Children who grow up under this kind of upbringing are destined to have a shackles childhood. Adler said: \”Happy people are healed by childhood throughout their lives; unhappy people are healed by childhood throughout their lives.\” In childhood, what kind of environment will give the child what kind of life background. What a \”powerful\” father gives his children is plundering, ideological bullying, and inability to distinguish right from wrong in the name of fatherly love. How can we expect our children to have a broad mind and an unfettered future when they grow up? His will had long since withered in the cradle. There is a saying in \”Poor Dad, Rich Dad\” by Invisible Dad: \”The so-called success means having time to take care of your children. Any professional role can be replaced, but the role of parent is irreplaceable. The highest rate of return in the world The investment is the parent-child relationship.\” And what is our current situation? ——Mom, I’m hungry! Is the meal ready? ——Mom, where are my socks? ——Dad, where is my mother? At home, the father seems to be an invisible person, and the mother takes care of all the children\’s affairs. With all due respect, such a family cannot raise happy children. A study also showed that even babies who are still in a hazy state will suffer from symptoms such as restlessness, loss of appetite, depression and irritability due to lack of father\’s love. Many fathers think: How can I possibly be able to take care of everything while working outside the home and making money to support the family? However, work can be done without you, and no one can replace you in the profession of \”father\”. A child only grows up once. If you miss it, you will never go back. The father\’s lack of family education directly affects the quality and future of his children. If a boy is raised without a father, he will always lack some masculinity because he lacks someone to imitate; while a girl is even more special. As the first man she gets along with in her life, his absence directly makes her This skill is difficult to acquire in girls. For families, the absence of a father is bound to cause misfortune to the family. Even when the child grows up, he will copy the same family model because he has no idea of ​​how to run a good family relationship. Mother\’s love is home, and father\’s love is the road leading to the world at the door of home. Fathers, please come out of your \”invisibility\” and don\’t be absent from your children\’s growth and become a shortcoming in their children\’s lives. The German philosopher Jaspers said: \”The essence of education means that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul awakens another soul.\” I hope every father can Set a good example for your children and truly shoulder your educational responsibilities as a father!

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