How can children maintain a healthy body?

Is there a relationship between a girl\’s height and age at menarche – Yes! But it does not mean that once you have your period, you will stop growing. When a girl starts menstruation, it only means that her ovarian function has begun to mature and she has entered puberty. It does not mean that her development is complete. If we really want to talk about the impact of menstruation on height, it is that after menstruation, the child\’s bone growth rate will be affected. Full 18 episodes of children\’s health knowledge popular science cartoon in English 720P high-definition plug-in subtitles After menarche, the secretion of growth hormone in the body will decrease, and the speed of bone development will also slow down. Therefore, growth has not stopped, but it is true that the growth rate of height has slowed down. Since menstruation does not mean the cessation of growth, why should height be related to age at menarche? That\’s because there is another special developmental condition – precocious puberty. Chenma said in a previous article that girls who have their first period earlier than 8 years old are most likely to have precocious puberty. The characteristic precocious puberty in girls can be said to be one of the culprits that causes children to not grow taller. Mastering these points, you can still grow taller. In fact, as mentioned at the beginning, as long as the child\’s age of menarche is normal (usually between 12 and 16 years old), then menstruation will only slightly slow down his growth rate. According to big data statistics, after menarche, a girl’s growth space is between 5 and 10 cm (average 7 cm). If we can adopt some effective methods to help children grow taller, we can maximize their growth. Make sure you get enough sleep. Whether you are a child or an adult, the length and quality of sleep will directly affect your health. I have written many times before about the sleep duration corresponding to different ages. However, due to living habits, academic pressure and other issues, many children are unable to sleep as long as they should. In this case, the following table tells you the minimum amount of sleep your child should have. It should be noted that even if you don’t get enough sleep, you must not sleep less than this amount! Reasonable diet I have seen many mothers buy various vitamins and probiotic supplements for their children. Although they do have certain effects, as the saying goes, \”medicinal supplements are not as good as dietary supplements.\” The rich materials that nature has given us are the best natural supplements for children. If you want your child to continue to grow taller, two things must be done well: first, breakfast, and second, calcium supplement. It is not difficult to exercise scientifically, but it is difficult to exercise scientifically. First of all, jumping and bouncing does not mean effective exercise. Not only that, it may also encourage the growth of young people. There was news before: In order to make her daughter grow taller, a mother forced her to jump rope 3,000 times a day. As a result, her 13-year-old daughter suffered from epiphysitis. When it comes to exercise, the crazier the better, and only by persistence can you see results. For girls, Chenma’s most recommended exercise is yoga stretching, which requires very little equipment and venue requirements, and only lasts for 20-30 minutes at a time. Moreover, this kind of stretching exercise can also cultivate your daughter\’s beautiful figure and elegant temperament. Menarche is not only a necessary process for every girl, but also a symbol of their entry into puberty. As mothers, what we need to do is how to help our daughters correctly understand \”menstruation\” physically and psychologically, rather than resorting to extreme methods to deliberately fight against it.

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