How can I exercise my baby if he can\’t crawl and can\’t sit still?

Question 1: My ten-month-old baby cannot sit firmly and cannot crawl. He can stand and sit with support. His legs are strong. Is this normal? Dr. Song Shufen answered: Normally, the baby will be able to hold his head up at three months and be able to lift it stably at four months. To sit and stand, you only need to be able to sit at six months and sit firmly at eight months. It is normal for a child\’s growth and development to advance or be delayed by 1-2 months; however, your baby\’s condition is abnormal and his motor development is somewhat behind. Many babies lag behind in movement, which is also caused by parents not being able to guide and hold them for a long time. Some parents think that babies can learn these things on their own without guidance. In fact, if the baby lacks activities during early childhood, it will increase the chance of developing sensory integration disorder after going to school. This means that children\’s brains have lost the ability to control and combine various organs of the body, which will weaken people\’s cognitive abilities and adaptability to varying degrees, thereby delaying people\’s socialization process. Therefore, it is recommended to go to a growth and development clinic to evaluate the baby\’s overall development and muscle tone. Question 2: The baby is now three months old. Today he received two injections, one for polio and one for pneumonia. There was also a Pepo that was dripped into the mouth. After returning home, I started to make noises. I had a fever of 37.9 degrees. Can I ask the doctor what is going on? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: If so many vaccines are used at one time, the child may not be able to resist. You can now wear antipyretic patches. If your body temperature continues to rise, it is recommended to seek medical examination. Question 3: Our baby is eight months old. He has been constipated for a while, has a bowel movement every few days, exerts great force when passing stool, and also cries. The stool that came out was very dry and bloody like an adult\’s, but the stool later was not so dry. Moreover, we often drink water and feed less. What should we do in this situation? Dr. Li Tinghui answered: The baby is suffering from constipation. It is recommended to feed him some fruits, such as dragon fruit, prunes, etc., or use lactobacillus tablets to improve the constipation.

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