How can your child become a rich person at heart? You should pay attention to these 10 details

Writer Deborah Tanner said: \”A good native family should not only create the world for the child, but also tell the child how the world should be interpreted warmly.\” Whether a child can be confident and optimistic often depends on whether he or she is confident and optimistic. The impact of not opening up the family. If parents love and accept their children unconditionally, the children will surely become brighter and healthier on the way to enriching themselves. The following 10 cartoons will tell parents how to use encouragement and trust to build a world of love and tolerance. And lead children to become better versions of themselves. 6980 Yuan Zhang Guowei\’s comprehensive parent-child relationship skills recording + handouts + shorthand notes 01 Respect the child\’s dillydally and allow the child to take his or her time. \”Dalling\” is the nature of every child. Even if we urge him, scare him, blame him, pull him, pull him, or even kick him, he will be injured and sweating, and he can only move forward one step at a time. Click. But once parents learn to wait and give their children the right to take their time, they will find that the road to growth is actually full of unique scenery. Education is a process of three-point teaching, seven-point teaching, etc. The wait is difficult, but it is worth it. 02 Treat the least lovable child as the child who needs love the most. Writer Rebus said: \”When a child loses his temper at you, he wants you to get into his heart and help him solve the problem.\” When faced with a child who is not so \”cute\”, no method or technique can compare to \”patience\” \”Two words. Because that troubled child knows that behind this patience is actually his parents’ love and understanding for him. 03No matter how hard it is, keep your children with you. For a child, the greatest harm is not the difficulty of life or the hardship of study, but that every night when he longs for a warm embrace, his parents are not by his side. For a child without his parents, no amount of toys or a good life can cure the inner desolation. 04No matter how miserable it is, always stand by your child’s side. Every child makes mistakes. Making mistakes is not terrible. What is terrible is that the aggressive attitude of adults puts children in an isolated and helpless situation. The best way to win a child is to tell the child with a kind, firm and respectful attitude: I love you and will always stand with you. 05 Give your children more support and never skimp on appreciation. The writer Sanmao once wrote to his father: \”The sorrow of my life is not that I have not earned the whole world, but that you appreciate me.\” Children\’s wishes are actually very simple. What they want is nothing more than the recognition and recognition of their parents. An appreciative look and a word of praise are enough for a child to survive the coldest winter in his life and usher in the blooming flowers of spring under the watchful eye of his parents. 06Every progress of the child is seen. People’s deepest desire is to be recognized and praised, especially for children. Precisely because every bit of their own growth is seen by their parents, children can continue to adjust their direction, keep climbing, and eventually become what their parents expect. 07Every time I go home, I hug my child tightly. Every separation is a small death. Because there is one less day in the rest of my life, and one less time to get together with my children. As parents, we must let our children know: No matter what happens to you today, there is someone at home waiting for you, waiting to give you a strong and sincere hug. 08 When your child is weak, be his strongest backer. The world will not always be filled with flowers and sunshine. When children glimpse the darkness of life and are hurt by the malice of others, parents must be \”strong\”. It is not to use forceful words or to bully the weak, but to be the umbrella above the child\’s head and the tree beside him, becoming the child\’s strong support and source of strength. 09 Find your inner love with your children. Entrepreneur Bill Gates said: \”The only thing parents should do for their children is to find their children\’s passion, encourage them to pursue it with all their strength, and maximize it.\” Rather than creating children with excellent grades, we should What we are cultivating is children with deep love, and we should search, chase, and persevere with them. Let every child be focused because of love; excel because of focus. 10The deepest love is to let children become themselves. True love is not about how many grades a child got in the exam, what school he went to, or how much annual salary he earned before he is worthy of being loved. But as long as he is healthy and happy, no matter whether he is excellent or failed, whether he is rich or poor, whether his life is brilliant or destined to be ordinary, his parents will love him as always. Because love is what you are, not what I want. ▽Family is the soil and destination for children to grow up. The education method of parents directly affects a child\’s character, vision and behavior, and even determines the happiness of the child\’s life. If you want to raise a child with a rich heart, you must give your child unconditional love and acceptance. Because children who grow up immersed in love can be fearless of loneliness and wind and rain even if they are alone. Please give it a thumbs up. May our children have rich hearts and shine in the world they love.

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