How dare these villains snatch children in broad daylight! I broke into a cold sweat after watching this

That day, M\’s mother took her two-year-old child for a walk alone on a stretch of road near her home. People were coming and going, but she didn\’t expect anything to happen. As usual, M\’s mother held the baby in her arms and swayed slowly. She didn\’t expect that the danger was slowly approaching. When M\’s mother walked to a corner with the child in her arms, a young woman suddenly appeared on the opposite side, reaching out to take the child from M\’s arms. M’s mother is confused, do I know her? Is she trying to steal my child? Things happened so fast that M\’s mother had not yet fully reacted. She only knew how to hold the child tightly in her arms. Unexpectedly, when the woman saw that she could not snatch the child away, she began to shout loudly: \”Someone is coming! The child is being snatched away! Someone is coming quickly~~\” Then, a wave of pedestrians were called over, and they thought they were being righteous and started to help the woman who called for help. woman. M’s mother almost burst into tears and told everyone at the top of her lungs that she was the child’s mother! But passers-by only stopped her and no one believed her at all. During the fight, M\’s mother was pushed to the ground, and the child was completely carried by the woman. Seeing that the woman was about to run away, M\’s mother was about to get up again and catch up to her in a desperate fight. The child began to cry: \”I want mommy! Mommy!\” The child cried and struggled in the woman\’s arms to reach M\’s mother\’s arms. direction. It wasn\’t until here that this group of \”enthusiastic\” passers-by stopped the woman and returned the child to M\’s mother. The trafficker could not escape and was taken to the police station. Dingdang\’s mother felt a chill running down her back after reading it. She almost let the trafficker succeed. Fortunately, the child reacted and it didn\’t lead to tragedy. If you think about it carefully, human traffickers are becoming more and more courageous nowadays. Is it because children\’s safety education has improved and they can\’t be tricked with snacks, so they just rob them raw? Near the scene of the crime, there must be a car with the woman\’s accomplice sitting in an ambush to respond. As long as the woman successfully grabs the child, she can get in the car and take the child away without anyone noticing. I remembered a cartoon I saw yesterday, which was about the criminal methods of a gang of human traffickers. A woman drank some wine and walked alone on the road at night. Suddenly a man came out and grabbed her arm to take her away. The woman suddenly woke up, struggled desperately, and asked pedestrians for help. At this time, a strong man came over and pushed the man away. Two more women gathered around, chattering that they wanted to call the police and send the man to the police station immediately. So, the strong man said that his car was nearby and he would take the two women as witnesses and go to the police station together. A woman, a man, a strong man, and two women got into a van on the side of the road. In the end, they did not go to the police station because, except for the woman, the others were all in the same group. The woman was still abducted. Just like what happened with M’s mother, even asking passers-by for help didn’t work! Dingdang’s mother never uses foul language, but she really doesn’t hate people who abduct women and children without scolding them. It’s so heart-breaking. Are they still human? Regarding anti-trafficking, Dingdang’s mother has something to say. Mothers need to be especially careful when taking their babies out. Women themselves belong to a relatively vulnerable group, and bringing another child will make them even more targeted by human traffickers. Human traffickers generally have the followingSeveral methods of committing crimes: 1. When the child is alone: ​​give the child a candy to lure the child to leave with him; overhear the child\’s name early, claim that he is a good friend of his parents, and ask the child to follow him; Ask for directions and ask the child to take him there… 2. In front of an adult: Praise the child for being beautiful and say he wants to take it over to take a look; when the adult goes to the toilet, offer to help look after the child; grab… Anti-trafficking measures: ·We should pay attention to educating children in daily life: don’t take things from strangers, don’t listen to strangers, and don’t follow strangers. ·Tell your children: If you encounter someone harassing you, you should shout for help. ·Ask the child to tell strangers that my parents will be here soon. ·Teach children to identify uniformed police and security guards and ask for help from them at critical moments (passers-by are not completely reliable). ·Let children remember their parents’ names, home addresses and parents’ contact information. Parents should also remember the following principles: · Don’t let your children out of your sight; · Don’t take your children to remote places with few people; · Don’t take your children to crowded and lively places; · Don’t let strangers look after your children; · Do not follow strangers or accept unexplained help from strangers. In short, to travel safely, basic safety education for children is indispensable on weekdays. Mother’s wisdom is also a must~ use your brain when encountering problems, and your daughter should strengthen herself! Text|Dingdang Mama

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