\”How do age spots form\” suddenly appeared on the baby\’s face, and the doctor actually said this…

Question 1: My baby is 8 months old and his face was fair and fair before. But in the past month, the baby\’s forehead and temples suddenly appeared a lot of brown spots, small and small, like age spots. What\’s going on? Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: This is café-au-lait, and most of it is related to genetics. Many café-au-lait spots are discovered when babies are a few months old or one or two years old, and will gradually become larger and darker as they age. Although café-au-lait spots generally do not become malignant, parents still need to take their babies to see a neurologist because a neurological disease called “neurofibromatosis” often causes such plaques. Especially if the number of café-au-lait spots exceeds 6, the diameter is greater than 1.5cm, or the baby has multiple nodules or lumps on the body, he must go to the hospital for corresponding examination to rule out the possibility of neurofibroma. Question 2: The left side of the baby’s face is a bit big, how should I correct it? Some people on the Internet say to sleep on the big one, and some say on the small one. How do you sleep on the small one? Dr. Wang Yanli’s answer: Sleep in the middle position first. This is mainly for parents to carefully observe whether the child tilts to one side while sleeping, or whether the neck is twisted to one side. If the baby\’s head always tilts to one side, it is recommended to do a color ultrasound of the neck muscles to rule out torticollis. If there are no problems, let the baby sleep in the opposite direction of his usual sleeping position. After correction, let the baby sleep with his head in a neutral position. Question 3: My baby caught a cold about 15 hours after receiving the vaccination. He has symptoms of fever and cough. Can he take medicine?

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