How do high-level parents educate their children?

We often wonder, why are other people’s children so good? Parents are very good at judging the differences between their children, but few parents can correctly examine themselves, whether they are good parents and whether they have given their children a good family education and positive influence. If parents could also be divided into grades three, six, and nine, what kind of grade do you think you would be? This is how low-level parents treat their children. Xiangzi is already a college student. The happiest thing about entering college life is that he no longer has to listen to his mother\’s nagging. He feels that he has had no freedom since he was a child. When something happens, he can\’t help his mother\’s tough words, compromises under his mother\’s tough tongue, and gives up his original ideas. Therefore, when his mother is not around, even if it is a small matter and he is asked to make his own decision, he will not be able to make up his mind because he always doubts himself and is afraid of making the wrong decision. After taking the college entrance examination and graduating from high school, he wanted to study his favorite journalism, because language is his favorite content. However, his mother did not allow him to study journalism and insisted on enrolling him in computer science. He couldn\’t help his mother\’s nagging and told him a lot of truths, including her plans for his future career and life. He finally listened to her again. However, his painful life began after entering college. Because of his poor math scores, he was not interested in his professional knowledge at all. He just \”listened to the bible\” in class and failed two subjects in his first final exam. Whether I can graduate smoothly or not is a question. Even if I can barely graduate, I don\’t know if I can engage in this field of work. Xiangzi was confused about his future. He didn\’t want to go to school, let alone face his mother who was nagging and urging her all day long. The older he grows, the more he feels like his mother\’s marionette, without his own mind and soul, and he has no idea where the future is. Nagging mothers are very concerned about their children, and often think that their education of their children is also very reasonable. However, parents who like to nag and reason with their children are the most thankless. The children are young and they cannot understand if they talk too much; and when the children grow up, their parents’ nagging will make them Very rebellious and disgusting. Therefore, we often say that parents should teach by example rather than words. Talking too much and nagging parents will not only fail to achieve a good educational effect, but may also cause some negative effects. ★Parents who are always nagging will make their children dependent and lack self-confidence and responsibility. If the mother talks too much, it shows that she has a strong desire to control her children and gives them little free space. If children who grow up in such a family environment obey their parents\’ words since childhood, it will be difficult for them to have their own opinions when they grow up. , the child\’s dependence is too strong and it is not easy to build self-confidence. How do parents communicate with their children? The most acceptable way of education for In addition, parents arrange everything for their children, and the children have no initiative to make decisions, and the children\’s sense of responsibility will be relatively poor. Many children feel that their parents asked me to do this, and they will not do it well. Blame it on me and leave yourself completely alone. ★Parents always nagging will make the parent-child relationship more and more tense, and the children willBecome aloof and rebellious. Parents\’ control over their children can make them feel suffocated. Some children choose to resist, while others choose to escape. Either way, the parent-child relationship will become tense. We love our children very much and feel that we have sacrificed so much for our children, but the children do not appreciate it and regard their parents as enemies. Therefore, parents controlling their children is like flying a kite. We cannot completely let go, nor can we pull the rope too tightly. Whether the child is completely out of control or the parents control it too tightly, it is a failed education. Some mothers seemingly raise their children very well without putting in much effort. You might as well learn from these high-level mothers! ◎A mother who is like a friend can cultivate her children’s self-confidence. Li Yan, the youngest daughter of Queen Faye Wong, has had some flaws since she was a child, but she is a super confident child. Li Yan and her sister are both very individual and confident children, which is inseparable from the education given to them by their mother. Faye Wong is a very Buddhist mother, and getting along with her children is also very relaxed and pleasant. The harmonious parent-child relationship makes the children feel more secure, feel their mother\’s trust and support, and grow up to be super confident. ◎A mother who is like a boss can cultivate a sense of responsibility in her children. Some mothers are very strong and do what they say at home. They will assign tasks to their children, but they will not nag them and will only test their children\’s final results. Although the method is simpler, the children are also well-educated. They are not obsequious cowards, but are very responsible like their parents. A mother treats her children like a boss treats her employees, entrusting her with the child\’s life. She is like a leader who assesses performance, which in turn inspires her children\’s sense of responsibility to be independent and self-reliant. ◎Mothers who often reflect on themselves can grow with their children. Mothers are not experts and scholars, and they cannot be right for everything. As our children continue to grow, we also need to constantly improve ourselves. When we find that we are wrong, we must bravely admit it and correct it in time. We are all first-time parents. Families with excellent parents who are willing to grow, learn and make progress together with their children are often a win-win situation. If we want our children to become excellent people, we can\’t do it just by saying it. We should use our actual actions to show it to our children!

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