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How do you know if you are in the basin by touching it yourself?


Dec 1, 2023 #fetal period

It is very important for expectant mothers to know whether their baby has entered the basin. Pelvic insertion refers to the entry of the baby\’s head into the mother\’s pelvis, which is an important step before delivery. So, how do you know it is in the basin by touching it yourself? Next, let us find out together. First of all, you can judge whether your baby is in the basin by observing the shape of your abdomen. If you find that the shape of your abdomen has changed significantly, becoming slightly sagging, and the highest point of the abdomen has also dropped, then it is very likely that the baby has entered the basin. What is the Life Guide for Pregnant Women and Expectant Mothers PDF Secondly, you can judge whether the baby is in the basin by feeling its position. After entering the pelvis, the baby\’s head will enter the pelvis, and you will feel that the baby\’s position has obviously moved downwards. You can gently touch your abdomen with your hands. If you can feel the baby\’s head or feet near the pelvis, the baby is probably in the pelvis. In addition, there will be some other signs after entering the basin, such as frequent urination, easier breathing, increased appetite, etc. These signs can also help you determine whether your baby has entered the pot. However, it’s important to note that every mother’s physical condition is different, so these signs may not appear at the same time or be obvious. If you are not sure whether your baby has entered the pot, it is best to consult a doctor to ensure your baby\’s health. Finally, I would like to end this article with a classic saying: \”A mother\’s love will never dry up.\” I wish every expectant mother a smooth delivery and a healthy and lovely baby!

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