How does a smart mother talk to the teacher?

How does a smart mother talk to the teacher? Communication between parents and teachers is a very important part of the child\’s education process. Through communication with teachers, parents can understand their children\’s learning situation and performance in school, discover and solve problems in a timely manner. As a smart mother, here are some practical tips for communicating with teachers summarized by Doudehui. 1. Pay attention to communication methods. When communicating with teachers, we must express our opinions with respect and rationality. If it is a parent-teacher meeting for entering a higher school or a higher grade, we must pay more attention to our emotions and not be too excited or argumentative to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. 2. Make preparations Before communicating with the teacher, we must make sufficient preparations. First of all, it is necessary to understand the child\’s situation, including academic performance, classroom performance, personality characteristics, etc. Secondly, we need to formulate a clear communication purpose and clarify the problems we want to understand and solve, so that we can ask and respond to the teacher in a more targeted manner during the communication process. Non-violent communication skills online reading pdf+epub+mobi 3. Active listening and response In the process of communicating with the teacher, we must actively listen to the teacher\’s opinions and suggestions and not have too stubborn ideas. At the same time, we must also express our opinions appropriately and provide teachers with more information to help teachers better understand the child\’s situation. 4. Establish a good relationship. Communication with teachers is not just a one-time event. We must establish a long-term and stable relationship to lay a solid foundation for children\’s education and growth. In daily communication, we can take the initiative to care about the teacher\’s work and life, show respect and support for the teacher, and establish a relationship of mutual trust and respect. 5. Respect teachers’ professionalism Teachers are professional educators with rich teaching experience and professional knowledge. When communicating with teachers, we must respect the teacher\’s professionalism, listen to the teacher\’s suggestions and opinions, and discuss ways to solve problems with the teacher. 6. Grasp the timing and method of communication. The timing and method of communication with teachers are also very important. We can communicate with teachers in different ways such as parent-teacher conferences, home visits, phone calls, emails, etc. But under different circumstances, we have to choose different communication methods. For example, in an emergency, phone or face-to-face communication is more practical than email. How do parents communicate with their children? The most acceptable education method for 7. Strictly adhere to the principle of confidentiality When communicating with teachers, we must pay attention to protecting the privacy of children and teachers. Do not disclose the personal information of children and teachers at will to avoid unnecessary trouble and distress. In short, communication with teachers is an indispensable part of the child\’s education process. Good communication can get twice the result with half the effort. As smart mothers, we must communicate with teachers with an open mind, express our opinions and views in a rational way, and work with teachers for the growth of our children.

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