How harmful is aerosol inhalation treatment to babies?

Children tend to cough as soon as winter comes, so atomization has become a word that parents often talk about. However, many parents don’t seem to know much about atomization, and they become anxious when they hear these two words. Today, let’s take a closer look at atomization. Nebulization refers to dispersing drugs into tiny droplets or mist-like particles through special equipment, and then using special devices to allow the drugs to enter the respiratory tract and lungs through the mouth and nose to achieve the purpose of treatment. Nebulization, like taking medicine and infusion, is also a form of treatment. Nebulization is mainly used in acute asthma, wheezing-related respiratory diseases, acute laryngitis, mycoplasma pneumonia, post-infectious cough or cough that affects normal life, and during and after tracheal intubation. There is no need for nebulization for common colds and common coughs. Therefore, parents should pay attention not to rush to use atomized cough suppressants whenever their children cough. Some parents have heard that vaping can cause dependence and have serious side effects, and some even say that vaping can affect kidney function. But in fact, vaping is not as scary as rumored. First, let’s look at the most serious aspect, the impact on liver and kidney function. Nebulization enters the respiratory tract and lungs through the mouth and nose, and the dose used in atomization is generally smaller than that of oral medicine or infusion, which will not affect the child\’s systemic organs, so it has almost no impact on the kidneys. Secondly, whether or not to use hormones for nebulization is determined by the baby\’s condition. Not all nebulizers contain hormones, so parents don\’t have to worry. Moreover, even if hormone-containing drugs are used, the doctor will weigh the pros and cons based on the baby\’s condition, so parents can just follow the doctor\’s advice and don\’t have to worry too much. Finally, regarding the dependence on nebulization, it does not mean that the last time the child got sick, he or she had nebulization. The next time he gets sick, he will be directly asked to do nebulization. Nebulization is not suitable for all diseases, and doctors do not judge treatment plans based on The treatment method of the last disease will make the decision, but the baby\’s condition, so it is unreliable to say that atomization will cause dependence. Having said this, some parents feel that since atomization is effective and has few side effects, can I buy an atomizer and do it for my children at home? First of all, I want to say that this method is not impossible, but the prerequisite is to listen to the doctor first. If your baby is diagnosed with some long-term chronic diseases and the doctor prescribes a clear prescription for nebulization, you can do nebulization at home. It is more convenient, can avoid cross-infection, and can soothe the baby\’s uneasy mood. However, when nebulizing your baby at home, parents should pay attention to the following points: Do not apply oily cream to your baby before nebulizing to prevent the drug from adsorbing on the face. How about the book \”Golden Confinement Sister teaches you about confinement\” pdf download ultra clear [Precautions during confinement + confinement recipes + newborn care] Do atomization for the baby one hour after meals, and brush the baby\’s teeth before doing it. Or rinse your mouth to prevent food residue from affecting the effectiveness of the medicine. The atomization time should not be too long, about 10 minutes is enough. When atomizing, the baby should sit upright and do not lie half-ly or on his side. This may cause the medicine to splash out and affect the effect. If the baby is crying during atomization, stop temporarily and wait until the baby is quiet before continuing, otherwise the effect will be affected. If your baby has any adverse reactions during atomization, stop immediately.Stop, if serious, send to hospital immediately. After atomization, the baby\’s face and mouth should be cleaned promptly to avoid drug residue.

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