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How long does it take for lochia to be completely eliminated after childbirth?


Oct 1, 2023 #neonatal period

How long does it take for lochia to be completely eliminated after delivery: time, causes and treatment. Postpartum lochia refers to the process in which uterine contractions resume after the baby is delivered, and residual blood, mucus and tissue are excreted through the vagina. This process may take some time, usually no more than 6 weeks. This article will discuss in detail the timing and causes of postpartum lochia and how to speed up the elimination of lochia through treatment. 1. The discharge time of postpartum lochia The discharge time of postpartum lochia varies from person to person. Generally speaking, in the first three days after delivery, the amount of lochia will be larger and the color will be brighter. As the uterus contracts and recovers, the amount of lochia will gradually decrease and its color will gradually fade. Usually, lochia will be completely eliminated within 4 to 6 weeks after delivery. 2. Causes of postpartum lochia The main causes of postpartum lochia are uterine contraction, endometrium repair and cervix recovery. These processes are accompanied by a series of physiological changes, including the discharge of blood, decidua, mucus, and tissue. In addition, postpartum infection, poor uterine wound healing, uterine fibroids, etc. may also affect the discharge of lochia. 3. How to help eliminate lochia after childbirth. Rest and posture: Maintaining adequate rest is very important for postpartum recovery. Sleeping on your left side or prone position can reduce the risk of lochia accumulation in the uterine cavity. Activity: Although you need rest after giving birth, appropriate activities are also necessary. Mild activities such as walking and doing housework can help eliminate lochia. Keep it clean: Keeping your vulva clean can prevent infection. It is recommended to wash the vulva with warm water every day and change into clean underwear. Diet: A reasonable diet can help eliminate lochia. It is recommended to eat foods that can promote blood circulation and enhance uterine contraction, such as red dates, hawthorn, brown sugar, etc. At the same time, avoid the intake of cold foods. Massage: Massaging the lower abdomen can help promote blood circulation, thereby helping the discharge of lochia. Moderate concentration is required during massage to avoid putting pressure on the uterus. Use of drugs: The doctor can prescribe some drugs to help the uterus contract and reduce lochia according to the specific situation. The use of these drugs needs to be under the guidance of a doctor. 4. Abnormalities that require attention. If postpartum lochia lasts for too long, or has an abnormal color or smell, it may be an infection or other complications. At this time, timely medical treatment is required so that the doctor can diagnose and treat it. Summary: Postpartum lochia is a normal phenomenon during the uterine recovery process, which usually does not exceed 6 weeks. Through proper rest, activity, diet and appropriate massage, you can help the discharge of lochia. However, if lochia lasts for too long, or if there is an abnormal color, smell, etc., there may be a problem and you need to seek medical attention promptly. The doctor will provide appropriate diagnosis and treatment based on the specific situation.

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