How powerful can a role model be?

This is not a classroom, and there is no need to focus on it. This is a place where moms’ real stories can be shared. I hope my story can inspire the positive energy in your heart. Mom is the best! When I went for a walk downstairs after dinner, I met the eldest sister who lived in the same building as me and was sitting on the steps of the corridor looking at her mobile phone. The eldest sister’s son has a son who is in the third year of high school. He was taking the college entrance examination in the past two days, so I walked over and asked about the child’s situation. \”I said I did very well in the exam.\” The eldest sister said calmly, with even a little irritation in her eyebrows. My eldest sister’s son goes to No. 1 Middle School not far from us. Everyone in our community knows that he studies well. If he said he did well in the exam, then he really did well. I didn\’t understand the eldest sister\’s irritability. I thought it was because her child was nervous about taking the exam, so I comforted her. My child was studying so well, so there was nothing to worry about. The eldest sister sighed when she heard it. I wasn\’t worried about his grades. I was worried about his application. After hearing this, I understood that during dinner in the evening, the family was chatting about future work, and then I discovered that the child had already had a goal in mind, and it was completely opposite to what the eldest sister had in mind, and his attitude was firm. The eldest sister was afraid that the child would affect her mood and did not say anything. What made me feel depressed? Both of the eldest sister\’s family are lawyers, so it is natural for her to want her child to continue studying law. You think, wouldn’t it be good to go to a university of political science and law? His father and I have been teaching him so much all day long, why doesn’t it work? It is said that parents should be role models for their children. Aren\’t we both good role models? We all say that parents are role models for their children, but this does not mean that children will do whatever their parents do. I remember that when my sister was little, she spent most of her time with her uncle. Whenever she was watching cartoons or playing on the computer, she would pull her uncle aside and accuse him. Once, when my aunt saw her sister sitting in front of the computer watching cartoons without knowing anything about the outside world, she angrily dragged her uncle to the next room. Before she could open her mouth, my uncle said aggrievedly: \”You don\’t know what I am doing?\” I made so many plans for her to go out in one day. Yesterday I agreed to go swimming today. I decided on a venue and made an appointment with a coach. But when it came time to go out, she said she couldn’t go. Then I said we would go to the aquarium, and she didn’t agree. If you don\’t go, you insist on dismantling the dollhouse you bought at home. Then we started to argue, and we separated and sulked, and then she ran away to look at the computer. I\’ve been thinking about the power of example all afternoon. You see, I really don’t just talk but don’t practice. I go swimming and fitness, and I read and write big characters. Not only because I want to influence her through myself, but you see, she has no interest in writing big characters. She also reads some books. Nutritious miscellaneous books, even swimming, she spent three days fishing and two days drying nets, which did not affect her at all. I think this is a failure, and it is doubtful that adults are role models. My aunt was dumbfounded by what my uncle said, and when she chatted with us later, she was also filled with deep doubts and confusion. Are adults role models for children? Do children follow the example of adults? I think this matter should be understood at different levels. Babies learn from imitation. Even if I say something casually or do an action, the child will learn and do it. For example, every time I brush my teeth, IAfter squeezing out the toothpaste and then dipping it in some water, I always thought it was natural until one day I was asked, \”What are you doing?\” It wasn’t until this moment that I realized that what I took for granted was actually something I inherited from my parents. I had been in this environment, so I took it for granted. However, my parents have millions of habits, but I may only have one-tenth of their habits. My mother was the top scorer in science that year, but my math scores were only on the verge of passing until I entered college. My dad is a good athlete in table tennis, badminton, football, and basketball. TV dramas are played on other people’s TVs, but CCTV 5 is always shown on my TV. However, I have to take additional exams to pass the sports standards. The role of a role model often just means that he provides you with more possibilities. The sports you like, the environment you like, and the industry you like are all very good. You let your children learn more through these, but it does not mean that your children will definitely follow your footsteps. Especially when she feels that her parents\’ motives for doing this are not pure, he may be more inclined to refuse. Isn\’t there a proverb that says, you can lead a horse to the river, but you can\’t force it to drink water. Although parents are role models for their children, this does not mean that children will definitely do whatever their parents do. Children imitate most of our external behaviors such as walking, eating, and dressing. Through imitation learning, they master life skills step by step and become more and more independent. But what grown-up children imitate is actually our inner self, an attitude towards the world and a way towards life. We love life, and they are full of curiosity about life, but what they are full of curiosity about is beyond our control, and it is beyond our imagination. So we can do whatever we want to do. As for what children can learn from it, that is their freedom and their right.

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