How to be a good father

The suspense drama \”Imperfect Victim\” has attracted much attention online because of its compact plot and the actors\’ acting skills. Zhao Xun, played by Lin Yun, was assaulted by her boss. Someone called the police to avenge her, but when the police asked Zhao Xun if she had been successfully assaulted by her boss, she shook her head and denied it. As a victim, she is imperfect. The leader successfully expressed his love for her before the incident, but she failed to express her attitude in time; when the incident occurred, she made no obvious resistance; she did not dare to make her attitude clear during the police interrogation afterwards and wavered. Her submissiveness and erratic behavior make people feel distressed and angry. Afraid of the boss who symbolizes power, but also eager to join the upper class society. It is not surprising that such a girl who is not deeply involved in the world, pleases others, and is very \”scheming\” has a father who favors boys over girls and is selfish. This is also the main reason for her tragedy. A bad father drags down his daughter\’s life. Zhao Xun is the only child in the family. Her father, who favors boys over girls, does nothing. While he despises and attacks her, he also hopes that she can get into college to get ahead and change the family situation. As soon as Zhao Xun graduated from university, he joined a good company. She worked carefully and didn\’t dare to make mistakes because she didn\’t want to disappoint her parents. What Zhao Xun has wanted most since she was a child is her father\’s recognition of her, in order to prove that she is not bad at all. But her father never placed her in an important position and only used his daughter to gain fame and fortune. After learning that she had been violated, the first thing he did not comfort her was whether she was hurt. Instead, he slapped Zhao Xun, thinking that she was embarrassed outside. Her parents and people around her didn\’t believe her innocence, and thought she was purposefully getting closer to the leader to \”reach a higher position\”. What\’s even more irritating is that the father found the leader who violated his daughter. On the surface he wanted to ask for an explanation, but in fact he wanted to negotiate for some huge compensation. After hearing the proposed settlement terms, I was moved. I went home and said to my wife: \”That Mr. Cheng said he would give us a house abroad. I feel pretty good, better than now.\” If you don\’t seek justice for your daughter, you will treat your daughter as a child. The father who is a tool for making money is really the curse of a girl\’s life. Zhao Xun heard her parents talking excitedly about their plans to go abroad. For the first time, she felt that her parents were so happy because of her and they didn\’t dare to break their \”joy.\” What a poignant \”pleasure\” this is. The relationship between father and daughter determines a girl\’s happiness. In real life, there are many such \”Zhao Xun\”. Blu-ray ultra-clear original disc 1080P Italian movie Beautiful Life Thunder download 23.3GB lacks father\’s love, longs for his father\’s company and acceptance, and stumbles and goes around in the process of growing up. Most of them have weak characters, timidity, weak willpower, lack of confidence and perseverance, and also have obvious emotional disorders. According to research conducted by experts from the United States, Britain, Germany and other countries, children who suffer from \”father\’s lack of love syndrome\” when they are young are five times more likely to become poor when they grow up than ordinary children; the high school dropout rate is twice as high, and the crime rate is Twice as high; girls are three times more likely to be single mothers when they grow up. It is not easy for a girl who is ignored and suppressed by her father to live a good life. A loving and responsible father will give a girl endless strength, love for life, and be brave and fearless. The University of Michigan conducted a parentA survey on the impact of pro-education on daughters showed that: 63% of girls, because they received the care of their fathers in childhood, have stronger psychological self-healing abilities when they encounter setbacks when they grow up; 69% of girls believe that their self-confidence More praise and encouragement from my father. A good father gives his daughter three senses of strength: 1. The power of bravery. A father has the power of bravery and justice. His behavior when facing difficulties and solving problems always affects girls. If she is encountering some difficulties, setbacks, or pressure and criticism from the outside world, she will imagine what her father would do if he encountered these difficulties. Strong, tough, and smart, these are the qualities of my father. When a daughter\’s growth is hindered, the father must give full play to these spiritual strengths to protect her from harm and grow up healthily and happily. Let her know that her father will always be by her side. No matter how desperate the moment is, the thought that her father still loves her will give her the courage to persevere. 2. The power of self-confidence Freud said that the father is the guide, supporter and approver of his daughter\’s formation of femininity. If a girl is often praised by her father and can freely do what she likes, then her femininity will be fully stimulated. She is gentle yet tough, lively yet restrained, has no appearance anxiety, no self-denial, and completely believes that she is an excellent girl. This is the recognition and appreciation given to her by her father. A father who accepts himself can accept his daughter unconditionally. A girl\’s father can confirm that she deserves to be loved, which has a profound impact on her life. 3. The power of happy marriage and love. Fathers directly affect their daughters’ mate selection criteria and their relationship and marital status. A survey of female students aged 20 to 24 conducted by St. Gerald University in Canada showed that fathers have a great influence on their daughters\’ emotional and social development. The more affirmative, encouraging and supportive a father is to his daughters, the better their ability to deal with emotional problems, and vice versa. If a girl does not get her father\’s care, then when she grows up, she will easily base her self-identity on the affirmation of the opposite sex to fill the love gap. She has never tasted the sweetness given by her father. A piece of candy handed over by another man is enough to make her burst into tears of gratitude and lose herself. Even if you choose to be single, you still have the confidence to be single. Your father\’s unconditional support is your trump card. A father\’s monologue in the movie \”The Last One\” makes people extremely envious of his daughter: As a father, I should protect her together. As long as she recognizes it, I will accompany her. Sometimes when she is frustrated, I Just wait for her to come back and cry. If she holds back from crying, fine, then I can cook a table of delicious food… She can only be happy with me, nothing else. A girl who always has her father as her support is the happiest person in the world, and she is also the most confident and brave person. I hope every father can love his daughter well and give her something to be proud of throughout her life!

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