How to care for a newborn baby. If you do something wrong, it may harm the baby for life.

\”If as a parent you don\’t know your children at all, then a lot of things that hurt them will be done unknowingly.\” No, the neighbor\’s newborn baby a few days ago was admitted to the hospital again a few days before he was discharged from the hospital. The reason was actually caused by the mother\’s careless \”obsessive-compulsive disorder\”. A few days after being discharged from the hospital, some dandruff appeared on the baby\’s head. The mother thought it was caused by not taking a bath. It looked too dirty, and she started to pick out the dandruff driven by her obsessive-compulsive disorder. Unexpectedly, the baby\’s scalp was too delicate and I accidentally picked it. I thought it was just a little skin break and it was not a big problem. But from that night on, the baby started crying frequently at night. After taking her to the hospital for consultation, she discovered that the broken scalp was infected, which may affect brain development. She was admitted to the hospital again, and the baby\’s brain development will need to be closely observed and reviewed regularly in the future. This frightened the whole family. The mother did not expect that her small actions would cause such great harm to the baby, and she still regrets it. Scientific parenting knowledge: The complete video collection of the Encyclopedia of Infant and Child Family Care. The newborn period is a critical stage of \”nursing.\” It is also the time when new parents are most anxious and at a loss. A little carelessness may cause \”irreparable\” harm to the baby. If you do one more of the 3 things that newborns are \”fearful of\”, you may \”hurt\” your baby for life. The first one: wearing too much and covering too much. I remember when my eldest son was born, my grandma always helped to take care of him. The old man was afraid of the cold, so he wore a lot of clothes and covered the baby every day, which caused the baby to always sweat at that time. On the third day of sweating, I was surprised to find a lot of red rashes on my baby\’s body. From then on, he started to have a \”noisy night\” mode, and even some yellow substance came out of his ears. After taking the baby to the hospital for a checkup, I learned that eczema was caused by heat. The initiator of all this was \”wearing too much and covering too much\”. What\’s more troublesome is that if the baby is too young to get through it, it will easily relapse if it gets hot again in the future, causing various discomforts. I really understand this. Ever since my baby developed eczema due to heat during confinement, the eczema will relapse in the next few years as long as he sweats and gets hot, and he will catch a cold when the wind blows. His physical condition was not very good when he was a child. good. It can be seen that the younger the baby is, the more careful it is to take care of it. What is the appropriate way to wear a hijab for a newborn? As long as the baby\’s wearing a hood meets the \”neutral temperature\”, that is, if the baby\’s hands, feet, and back feel warm to the touch after wearing it, and they are neither cold nor sweaty, it means that the hood is just right. Generally speaking, the thickness of baby\’s clothing and quilt should be slightly thicker than that of adults. The second thing: holding the newborn baby for a long time. After the baby is born, the family members are very happy and always take turns holding it all day long. Although holding babies can reduce their crying and increase parent-child bonding, the harm caused is not small: 1. The newborn\’s spine has not yet matured, and frequent holding will put pressure on the spinal development and affect normal development; 2. It is easy to affect the baby\’s sleep time, making them dependent on adults for \”sleeping\”. Once a habit is formed, it is difficult to correct it in the future; 3. It may affect the baby\’s brain development, etc. It’s not that you can’t hold a newborn baby, but you need to pay attention to it: 1. Newborn babies cannot be held upright because the baby’s cervical vertebrae are not enough to support the entire baby.If the head is held vertically, it will easily damage the normal development of the cervical spine. Please try to hold it horizontally before 3 months of age. 2. When holding the baby, try to keep it close to the mother. This will not only help deepen the parent-child relationship, but also make the newborn feel safer listening to the mother\’s heartbeat; 3. When you have to hold the baby vertically (such as burping) , be sure to adopt the correct upright holding position, with one hand supporting the baby\’s head and neck and leaning against the parent\’s body, so as not to affect the normal development of the baby\’s spine. The third thing: Suffering from \”obsessive-compulsive disorder\” and unknowingly doing things that harm the baby. Many novice parents do not have much knowledge about child care and often do things that unknowingly harm the baby. Although it is just a small and inconspicuous behavior, the harm caused is subtle. Blindly \”shaving\” the baby\’s head is a Chinese custom. For newborn babies, there is a saying of \”shaving the baby\’s head at the full moon\”, and no matter what the season, the baby must be shaved to have a small bald head for good luck. Although the meaning is good, \”blindly shaving the head\” regardless of the season will make the baby more likely to catch cold and get sick; secondly, it will easily attract mosquito bites in certain seasons, which is unsafe and undesirable. I have done this \”stupid thing\” of picking dirt from my baby\’s scalp. Here is a reminder to novice parents, don\’t follow my example! If there is a lot of dirt on the baby\’s face and head, you can wet it with warm water and gently wipe it off during the bath. In fact, it doesn\’t matter if you don\’t care about these dirt, they will fall off naturally after a certain age. Download Encyclopedia of Newborn Baby Care with ultra-clear epub. Cut your baby\’s nails too early. Newbies don\’t know how to control the behavior of their hands and feet, and they often accidentally scratch their cheek skin with their hands. Although this behavior is dangerous, it is not recommended to cut the nails of newborn babies too early, at least until the full month. When cutting the nails of a newborn, it is best to choose baby-specific nail clippers to avoid accidentally injuring the baby.

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