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How to care for baby\’s vagina?

How to care for baby\’s vagina? The brain tissue is soft and needs to be protected by the bony skull. However, for a closed brain, the fontanel is an open space above it, so it is easily vulnerable to adverse external factors. Recently, many novice parents do not know much about fontanels and do not dare to touch or clean them, causing dirt to accumulate. This can easily cause scalp infections in babies, and then pathogenic bacteria can penetrate the fontanelles, which have no bone structure, causing meningitis and brain infections. inflammation, so daily cleaning and care of fontanelle is very important. Daily care: 1. Do not use pillows with too hard materials for your baby, such as mung bean pillows and sand pillows, otherwise it will easily cause the baby\’s head to deform. 2. Pay attention to the furniture at home to avoid sharp and hard corners from injuring the baby\’s head. 3. If the baby accidentally scratches the scalp, disinfect it with alcohol cotton balls immediately to prevent infection. 4. Wear a thicker hat when going out in winter to protect the fontanel and reduce heat loss. Pay attention to cleaning: 1. The fontanel can be cleaned during bathing. Special shampoo for babies can be used instead of strong alkali soap to avoid irritating the scalp, triggering eczema or aggravating eczema. 2. When cleaning, your fingers should be placed flat on the fontanel and gently rubbed. You should not press hard or scratch hard, let alone scratch the fontanel with hard objects. If there is dirt on the fontanelle that is difficult to wash off, you can first soften it with baby oil. After the dirt softens, use a sterile cotton ball to wipe it off in the direction of hair growth.

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