How to care for cesarean section incision

Cesarean section is a common delivery method that can solve some maternal and infant health problems, but incision care is required after a cesarean section to ensure recovery and prevent infection. This article will introduce the care of the cesarean section incision. The First Day After Surgery On the first day after a cesarean section, your doctor will inspect and clean the incision. Patients need to follow their doctor\’s advice and keep the incision dry and clean. Patients should avoid getting them wet or wet, avoid using soap or other chemical cleaners, and simply wipe gently with warm water and gauze. Wound Healing Period During the wound healing period, patients need to keep the incision dry and clean. If there is exudation at the knife edge, it should be cleaned in time. Patients can use clean gauze dipped in saline or hydrogen peroxide to wipe it gently, but do not wipe or rub the wound excessively. Wear comfortable clothing Wearing loose, comfortable clothing can reduce irritation from the incision and promote wound healing. Tight clothing or tight underwear should be avoided to avoid friction and irritation to the incision. Common pediatric diseases and the complete collection of nursing class videos on diet. Patients need to pay attention to their diet to speed up wound healing. You should eat more foods containing vitamin C and protein, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, beans, etc. Avoid eating too greasy or irritating foods, such as spicy foods, tobacco and alcohol, etc. Rest and Activity After a cesarean section, patients need to rest appropriately and avoid overexertion. Can carry out some light activities, such as walking around, doing simple housework, etc. However, excessive exercise or heavy lifting should be avoided as it may affect wound healing. Regular follow-up visits After cesarean section surgery, patients need regular follow-up visits to ensure wound healing and prevent infection. The doctor will examine and evaluate the incision. If there are any abnormalities, you should seek medical attention promptly. In short, cesarean section incision care is very important. Patients need to follow the doctor\’s advice, keep the incision dry and clean, avoid excessive stimulation and friction, eat more healthy food, take appropriate rest and activities, and have regular follow-up visits to ensure wound healing and prevention. Infect.

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