How to correct a baby who cries when put down? That’s it!

Reasons why you can\’t let go of your baby 1. The baby\’s instinctive needs. The little one has already been accustomed to being inseparable from his mother when he was in the belly. Naturally, he cannot do without the company of his mother and father when he first arrives in the world. Being in the arms of parents will make the baby feel warm and stable. This is the baby\’s normal psychological needs, especially the newborn baby. Only in the arms can the baby feel safe. 2. Wrong practices lead to bad habits. When a baby first comes into this world, the shaping of life rules, daily habits, and personality all need to be guided and cultivated by parents. In the same way, when a baby cries, it is often due to inappropriate behavior by adults that unintentionally develops bad habits for the baby. For example: Over-indulging: Some parents love their babies so much that they hold their babies \”can\’t put it down\” all day after birth, and gradually develop the habit of holding the baby before sleeping. The baby\’s lack of sense of security: The baby cannot sleep until someone holds it, which is undoubtedly a manifestation of its urgent desire for parental care. It means that the baby lacks a sense of security, or that he or she cannot feel the full love of his parents and is afraid of sleeping alone. Being too accommodating when sick: The baby will be particularly clingy when sick, and the parents will feel very distressed. Many bad habits of cuddling to sleep are developed at this time. Especially for babies with colds and nasal congestion, their breathing will be easier when adults hold them. When he recovered from his illness, he no longer wanted to sleep by himself. How to put down the baby? 1. Give the baby a full sense of security. When the baby finally falls asleep in the mother\’s warm arms and is quietly released from the arms and placed on the bed (although the movement is already very gentle), it will feel like falling from a height. The feeling of being unable to grasp and unable to see is a real insecurity for the baby! Therefore, even if the baby is placed on the bed after sleeping soundly, parents should touch the baby frequently to prevent him from feeling lonely! Swaddling is a great way to do this. 2. Don’t make the environment too quiet. Some parents are worried that their baby’s sleep will be disturbed, so they dare not make any noise when their baby is sleeping. They even have to use gestures and pass notes to communicate between family members. This causes the baby to be very sensitive while sleeping and wake up whenever there is a noise. This is a bit of a waste of money. 3. The baby\’s body may also have calcium deficiencies. Calcium deficiency will cause the baby to be in a state of excitement, restless, and have difficulty falling asleep, or may have restless sleep and be easily awakened. At the same time, calcium deficiency will also increase the excitability of sympathetic nerves, leading to increased secretion of sweat glands, causing continuous sweating during sleep, affecting the baby\’s sleep quality. Generally, newborns do not need calcium supplementation, and vitamin D supplementation is enough. Therefore, it is generally required to start daily supplementation of D3 after 15 days after birth to promote calcium absorption.

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