How to cultivate good learning habits in children: Start with this core

Why can other people\’s children become top academics? Why do others do their homework as soon as they get home? Is it because they are smart? Is it because they are self-disciplined? In fact, the more important reason is that people have good habits. As long as you develop a habit, your children will be able to complete their homework independently even without urging. So how to develop habits? What are the most core habits for children? [A Guide to Developing Good Habits and Parenting] Givenchy Baby Bear Picture Book, 15 volumes in total, available for PPS download. There are four things that make a good student: good health, good mentality, good habits, and good foundation. These four points are carried out step by step, one after another, and this order cannot be reversed. As long as you have these four skills, your child will be able to become an academic master. There is basically no problem in getting into 211 universities in the college entrance examination. If you really want to get into Peking University and Tsinghua University, then good luck is also very important. Luck is also a part of strength. If you want to be a top student, you must first be in good health. How to stay in good health? In fact, it is very simple. Just let your children eat well, sleep well, and exercise well. Then there is a good attitude. A good attitude means that you are not surprised by favor or disgrace. If you do well, you will not be particularly disappointed, and if you do poorly, you will not be particularly disappointed. Of course there will still be emotions, but you can adjust yourself back to a more peaceful state. If our emotions can be calm and stable, our mentality will not be bad. Good health is the foundation of a good mentality, and a good mentality will in turn affect our physical condition. The two complement each other. The body and mentality basically determine the persistence of a child\’s learning. From kindergarten to college entrance examination, these fifteen years are actually about durability. The only way you can have the last laugh is if your body and mind endure it for a long time. If a child has a good body, a good mentality, and good habits since he was a child, his foundation will naturally be good and he will become a top student. So how to improve children\’s habits? When it comes to habits, we can think of many things, such as the habit of getting up early, the habit of reading, the habit of exercising, the habit of sorting out wrong questions, the habit of taking notes… But these habits are actually relatively detailed. If you have to develop so many habits right from the start, parents will feel tired at first sight and may give up because of the difficulty. So what are the core habits that children need? In fact, it is reflection. The above habits are actually methods. In the final analysis, these methods are actually reflection. Reflection is the basis for children to learn all skills and knowledge; some children seem to have many problems now, but through reflection, they can be corrected. Some children can become proactive in learning and have stronger and stronger self-management abilities. How do these improvements come from? Is it caused by parents nagging and controlling? No, it is something that children come up with through self-reflection and self-adjustment. As long as children have the core habit of self-reflection, it is easy to develop other seemingly important habits such as wrong answer books and previews. Only when children have the habit of reflection can these methods be truly used. So when do children start to develop the habit of reflection? The answer is the sooner the better. Before a child can speak, he actually already has a certain thinking ability and a foundation for reflection. As children get older, the development of habits may be slower. Some parents miss their childrenIt’s not too late when your baby gets older, so there’s actually nothing to worry about. Age will only affect the speed of habit cultivation, but will not determine whether it can be achieved. Cultivate the habit of reflection. If you want to cultivate the habit of reflection in your children, can the outside world force it? For example, if you want your children to read in the morning, is it okay for parents to nag and reason? The child may feel that he should do this after hearing the truth, but when it comes to actual implementation, it is difficult for him to actually do it. In the development of any habit and the adjustment of any behavior, the most critical thing is actually the child\’s underlying wishes. Only when a child is willing to change and adjust can he truly do it and make it a habit. What parents have to do is let their children try and make mistakes, and then make adjustments based on reflection to find more efficient methods. Only through reflection can children truly understand the importance of the wrong answer book and the importance of preview and other methods. How to cultivate children\’s reflective habits? First of all, the first point is that parents should set an example. Don\’t think that your children are still young and can\’t do it. What\’s really important is what the parents do. Changes in parents\’ behavior and habits have a great impact on children. The prerequisite for self-reflection is to be able to see all of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. And the self you see must be the objective and true self, not the self described by others. How to let children see themselves? In fact, it is very simple. Parents just need to keep a running account. When you memorize the running water and then come back to look at it, your children will be able to see themselves more objectively. What I do, I have a clear conscience in my heart. Children will have their own feelings about what they feel is good and what they are not satisfied with. After seeing it, even if the children don\’t think about it, it is very simple for parents to guide them. Habits are very important, and the core habit is the habit of self-reflection. Once children have the habit of reflection, other learning methods and other habits are actually very simple. How to cultivate the habit of reflection in children? First, parents should set an example, and then keep a good record. The premise of reflection is to see yourself. As long as the child sees the true and objective self, it is very simple to let him reflect.

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