How to cultivate the concentration of kindergarten children in the golden 3 years

After his daughter entered first grade, Wenwen\’s father realized that no matter how many interest classes he enrolled in, it was not as important as cultivating his child\’s concentration. My daughter is a child with poor concentration. The teacher \”complained\” to Wenwen\’s father more than once: The child can\’t sit still in class, talks a lot, is distracted, and gets distracted by the slightest sound. At first, I felt that my daughter had just entered the first grade, and there must be a process for her to be able to concentrate on listening. But he couldn\’t bear the teacher\’s repeated contact. This time, Wenwen\’s father took the initiative to talk to the teacher about his daughter\’s situation. According to teacher feedback, my daughter is extremely inattentive in class, makes many small movements, often looks around or in a daze, and is careless in homework. In a word: children\’s concentration is too poor, and they must find ways to train and improve it, otherwise it will affect learning. Wenwen\’s father was deeply touched by this. Since she entered the first grade, she has been tutoring her with homework every night, and the house has been a scene of chaos. The first-grade questions are actually not difficult. As long as you listen carefully in class, completing them is almost no problem. But my daughter can\’t even do the simplest questions. When you give her tutoring, she not only doesn\’t listen carefully, she keeps turning her pen and swaying in her chair. She looks completely careless and makes her angry just looking at it. A full set of logical thinking training questions and concentration training for children aged 2-6 years old, Little Octopus Logical Thinking Training Questions and Concentration Training, PDF 20G. Looking back at that time, my wife and I were really depressed by her. Once, after being yelled at at home, I felt depressed. Go downstairs to get some air. I happened to meet her classmate Weiwei and Weiwei\’s mother running downstairs. After saying hello and knowing the reason why I came downstairs, Weiwei\’s mother said with a wry smile that Weiwei was like this 3 months ago and was even recommended by the teacher to go to the hospital. Test your concentration to see if you have ADHD. Weiwei\’s mother said that during that time, her child couldn\’t listen in class, was slow in doing homework, and often lost things. He couldn\’t finish the homework that could be completed in 20 minutes, but he couldn\’t finish it in an hour… Only then did she realize that her son\’s poor learning effect and low efficiency were all caused by poor concentration. Later, she learned some methods to improve concentration and practiced with her baby every day. One month later, Weiwei\’s speed and accuracy in writing homework were significantly improved, and he was praised by the teacher for the first time. Weiwei\’s mother suggested that I also use some scientific methods to train my daughter\’s concentration, because concentration really affects children\’s academic performance. Those children with good academic performance can easily \”enter the state\” whether they are listening to lectures or doing homework, and are not disturbed by the outside world. 01. What kind of person can become a winner in life? Harvard University has an experiment that lasted for 75 years. The research subjects were 268 top Harvard students. The research content is: What kind of person can become a winner in life? The results of the experiment found that among the 268 Harvard students, some were members of parliament or writers, while others had not accomplished much. They are both top students at Harvard, but why are their achievements so different? The answer given by the researchers is: IQ level will not affect your achievements. Your concentration on doing things is the key ability necessary for life. In today\’s era of information explosion, concentration is the scarcest resource. Studies have found that once adults are interrupted from focusing on something, it takes at least 15 minutes toEnter the focused state again. The same problem is more obvious in children, so more and more children are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which leads to difficulty in learning, low learning efficiency, and frequent distraction in class. 02. What is concentration? How to train What we often call concentration actually refers to a person\’s mental state when he concentrates on a certain thing or activity. Concentration can be said to be the beginning of all learning. Children with poor concentration are not only prone to being distracted in class, slacking off, and having low learning ability, but they are also irritable, highly aggressive, and have poor self-control. Therefore, children with poor concentration have to work harder than others to do something well. But fortunately, concentration can be improved through effective exercise. You can refer to this table to test whether your child\’s concentration is up to standard. We know that before the age of 7 is the golden period for children’s brain development, it is also a critical period for cultivating concentration. Therefore, during the three years in kindergarten, parents should focus on training and improving their children\’s concentration. After entering elementary school, their learning ability will be stronger and their grades will be better. Thinking of this, Wenwen\’s father regretted that he had neglected to cultivate his daughter\’s concentration during the three years of kindergarten, which resulted in his daughter\’s weak learning ability. In order to improve my daughter\’s concentration, I specifically asked Weiwei\’s mother for advice. She said that children of this age love to play, so the training method must be interesting, so games are the best choice. She recommended to me this set of \”Concentration Training Game Books\”, which is a set of game books specifically designed to train children\’s concentration. I found out that this set of books is very popular on a certain book and a certain music channel, and has been evaluated by many parenting bloggers, which shows how excellent it is. Concentration and brainpower magical game book, fun finding differences book, connecting maze, hide and seek picture book, magical mathematical thinking logic training book for children aged 0-2-3-4-5 years old, attention training puzzle game for young children [original version] 32.8 [after volume] 】31.79 ———- Go to Tao.Bao~/ CZ2561 Wuu7dIRBHbI/ [Mobile order link] [Computer order link] com/IW6WnEu I asked in my daughter’s class group and found out that almost all the children in their class have the same skills, and the reputation is very good. Wenwen\’s father decisively bought this set of books. After taking them home, I did not take the initiative to show them to my daughter. One day, after she saw this set of books on the bookshelf, she asked me: Is it possible to take it apart? After getting my consent, she didn\’t hear anything for a long time. I walked to the bedroom and saw that she was reading this concentration game book. She kept moving her hands on the book and mumbling something. . I took a closer look and unknowingly fell into it. I played with her for almost an hour. The games inside were both interesting and challenging. There are 4 game books in this set: \”Smart Hide and Seek\”, \”Funny Spot the Difference\”, \”Smart Navigation of the Maze\” and \”Comprehensive Training Camp\”. The game content of \”Smart Hide and Seek\” is mainly related to numbers, such as asking children to count colors in different ways, findRules, decryption codes, etc. are designed to train children\’s hand, eye, and brain coordination abilities. As shown in this picture, according to the size of the numbers, from 1, 2, 3 and so on to the largest number, the clothes of the two children will appear. \”Fun Spot the Difference\” is my daughter\’s favorite game. It is a perfect combination of numbers, graphics and stories. There are fun picture-finding games that train children\’s observation skills, and there are also various connecting games. For example, in the picture below, there are 5 differences between the left and right pictures. In the process of searching, children not only exercise their observation skills and concentration, but also improve their ability. \”Smart Maze\” is designed to train children\’s visual pursuit ability and sense of space. There are various maze games. Let alone a child, I, an adult, can\’t stop playing them every time. As shown in this picture, you can Can you find a way out in 30 seconds? This kind of maze game is not only educational, it is also very beneficial to improving children\’s observation, memory, and logical reasoning abilities. \”Comprehensive Training Camp\” is a comprehensive training book integrating the previous three books, and can be regarded as the \”final volume\”. You can test your child\’s observation, concentration and logical thinking abilities through games such as connecting lines, spotting differences, and mazes. For example, on this page \”Becoming a Monster\”, you can tell the development of the story with your children and fill in the serial numbers at the same time. It can improve children\’s logical reasoning and language expression skills. The whole set of books is designed with a large format and large characters and pictures, so that children\’s eyes will not be tired. The concentration games with different difficulties are designed according to the psychological and cognitive characteristics of children aged 3-7 years old, and are close to their interests.

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