How to cure baby\’s black neck?

In daily life, have you ever paid attention to your baby\’s neck? Or when you are walking your baby, have you ever seen other children whose necks are always dark like the picture below? (Picture source: Internet) When encountering this situation, some parents may think so… \”This neck looks like a patina, has it never been washed?\” If you really think so, you will be wronged ~ This It’s not that children don’t clean well, it’s just that they can’t clean them well despite all their efforts! Because a \”black neck\” that cannot be cleaned is not a disease at all, but a precursor to a certain disease! Black necks caused by \”eating\” (Photo source: CCTV, Wuhan Evening News) On March 11, 2019, CCTV published a report: Taotao (pseudonym), a boy in Wuhan, has been picky about food since he was a child. I like to eat vegetables and only like to eat fried chicken, burgers and other meat foods. Due to a long-term lack of exercise, 12-year-old Taotao weighs more than 140 kilograms. One day Taotao\’s mother accidentally discovered that the skin on her child\’s neck was darker than the surrounding skin. At first I thought it was dirty, so I just needed to wipe it clean and it would be fine. Unexpectedly, after repeated scrubbing, my neck was still black and a little rough to the touch. Taotao\’s mother was puzzled, so she took her child to a doctor for treatment. After detailed diagnosis by the doctor, it was confirmed that the child had pseudoacanthosis nigricans caused by obesity, which is why the skin on the neck became dark. Don’t think that this situation is an isolated case. More and more children are suffering from this disease now… (Photo source: Xinhuanet, Yangtze Evening News) In September 2018, the Yangtze Evening News also reported a news: An 11-year-old in Changzhou A 6-year-old boy often drank carbonated drinks and his neck was \”blackened\”! The same symptoms as in the previous case appeared – a black neck that could not be washed off, a rough feeling, and obesity… Changzhou First People\’s Hospital diagnosed the boy with acanthosis nigricans after comprehensively analyzing the patient\’s skin symptoms, test results, and eating habits. disease. Not only that, but it was also found that the boy\’s blood pressure, blood sugar and other indicators exceeded the standard, and his liver function was damaged. What the hell is acanthosis nigricans? (Image source: Acanthosis nigricans is a skin disease caused by endocrine, genetics, and poor eating habits. This disease was originally a rare skin disease, but in recent years, it has become a common disease due to its frequent occurrence. It is understood that more than 20% of Chinese children suffer from pseudoacanthosis nigricans, and there is an obvious increasing trend. . This disease mostly occurs in children aged 5 to 7 and 10 to 13 who are obese, do little exercise, and drink a lot of carbonated drinks. Children with acanthosis nigricans often have skin folds on their neck, armpits, groin, etc. that appear dark or dark brown and feel rough to the touch. In addition, \”dirty neck\” is also a symptom of excess insulin in the body, and it is also a skin manifestation of diabetes. Therefore, chubby little ones suffering from this disease should be particularly vigilant, because these children are at high risk of type II diabetes. If parents continue to leave it alone, the baby may develop diabetes. Therefore, if one day you find that your child\’s neck, armpits or other parts have blackened hair that cannot be washed off, you must attach great importance to it and seek medical attention from an endocrinologist in time for diagnosis. How to prevent acanthosis nigricans from occurring? If the baby isMost acquired \”black necks\” are related to bad eating habits, so parents should let their babies develop the following habits to prevent the occurrence of acanthosis nigricans: 1. Develop good eating habits. Good eating habits should be cultivated from an early age. , in fact, parents need to bear certain responsibilities when babies have bad habits of picky eating and anorexia. For example, chasing after feeding, allowing the baby to eat snacks, irregular meal times, etc. will all cause the baby to resist eating. If your baby has the habit of being picky about food, you can do this: First, give up snacks, and secondly, eat a balanced diet, do not force the baby to eat, and increase the baby\’s activity every day. Finally, it is stipulated that you will eat with your family for 20 minutes. When the time is up, the meal will be taken away. At other times, the baby will not be given anything to eat. Gradually develop the habit of eating regularly. 2. Eat less snacks and drink less carbonated drinks. High-sugar, high-calorie, and high-fat foods can easily cause obesity in babies. Obesity and poor eating habits are precisely one of the causes of acanthosis nigricans. Therefore, parents must not let babies under 1 year old eat any condiments. Even if the baby grows up, they must control the intake of snacks and drinks. Foods like French fries, potato chips, ice cream, burgers, etc. should be eaten by your baby as little as possible. 3. Regular height and weight testing is mainly to check whether the baby\’s height and weight are within the normal range. If there is any excess or substandard condition, it is best to follow the doctor\’s advice for targeted early intervention. 4. Proper outdoor exercise. Obesity will bury the hidden dangers of hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and other diseases. Therefore, be sure to keep your weight within a good range. Diet + exercise are the best ways to control your weight. Therefore, in addition to controlling your baby\’s diet, you parents should try your best to take your baby to the park or other places for more activities when the weather is good, so that your baby can walk and run outdoors more often. In short, if you find that your baby\’s neck is dark but cannot be cleaned, do not rub it blindly, let alone use local methods to \”treat\” it. Instead, you should go to the endocrinology department of the hospital in time. If the baby\’s neck or other parts are black and can be washed away with water and shower gel, then we should not rely on acanthosis nigricans, because this condition is not a disease, but a really dirty body.

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