How to deal with a child who throws tantrums

Psychologists say that every parent is a ferryman for their children. I hope that every child who loses his temper can be understood and guided correctly by his parents, and finally grow up tenaciously and bravely. Dabao\’s mood has been unstable recently, and she often gets upset and loses her temper with me, especially the day before yesterday when my husband and I went to pick her up from school. There was a traffic jam on the road, and Dabao was the only one left when we went there. As soon as we picked Dabao up, Dabao pouted and said, why did you come to pick me up so late? After all the children had left, I knew I was late, so I sincerely apologized to Dabao and said I was sorry for the traffic jam on the road today. As a result, you are late, but it is still mom\’s problem. I will pick you up early tomorrow, so I hugged Dabao and got into the car. I thought about this matter. I brought some bread for Dabao and asked my husband to hold Erbao. Erbao was crying, so my husband gave some of Dabao\’s bread to Erbao. At this time, Dabao was not happy and said that this was the only one who wanted to share the bread with me. My husband took another piece and gave Dabao half of it. But Dabao still cried and said I was hungry. I patiently told Dabao, \”If you are hungry, let\’s go home and my mother will cook for you.\” She still cried and said she was hungry and that it would take time to cook. Her husband got tired of hearing this and scolded Dabao, saying, \”Why are you such a disobedient child?\” Originally I wanted to say something, but thinking that my husband was educating the children, I held back and kept silent. After my husband quarreled with Dabao, Dabao cried even harder. Finally, I saw that Dabao was really noisy, so I patted Dabao twice, and Dabao cried even louder. Because he had to drive, he could only say that he would be home soon. I will prepare delicious food for you later, but the child is still crying and saying he is hungry and getting angry at me. It will take a long time before he gets home? It was obvious that she was in a state of indifference. When I saw her like this, I knew that saying anything was useless, so I used my eyes to signal my husband not to say anything. When we arrived at the parking lot, Dabao quickly ran to the elevator entrance. I quickly followed. Dabao was angry and ignored me, so I followed her. After I got home, I said, \”You are hungry, come and eat some fried rice and some bread.\” The child ate a few mouthfuls of fried rice, and his hunger subsided. The mood also went down. I saw that Dabao was in a better mood, so I asked her why she was so angry just now. Was it because mom was late to pick you up? Dabao said, well, my father also brought my bread to my brother. I only had one piece of bread. I was hungry and didn’t want to give it to my brother. I said, when Dad shared the bread with you, didn’t he ask for your permission? Dad only shared it if you agreed. Later, daddy gave you half of your brother\’s share. Dabao said, \”I just want to give my brother a little bit.\” I said, OK, this time it’s dad’s problem. We apologize to you. Next time your brother eats your food, can you share it with him yourself? Dabao said yes, and finally Dabao said to pick her up, please pick me up earlier in the future, not so late, I am not happy at all if you are late. At this time, I understood that the reason why Dabao was so angry today was partly because she was hungry, and partly because we were late to pick her up. Hungry was just a trigger. With the help of hunger, she vented all her dissatisfaction through roaring and losing her temper. A collection of 100 children\’s songs played continuously in 1080P ultra-clear video. A writer once said: When a person loses his temper, in fact,It is a sign of inner fragility. On the surface, he is applying pressure, but in fact he is asking for help from the people around him. At that time, I knew that Dabao would be unhappy if I picked her up late, so I took the initiative to apologize. But my husband is a boy and is not that attentive. He thinks it is too late, so when Dabao made a fuss and said he was hungry, he didn\’t think too much about it. I thought it was disobedient, but little did I know that this was the child expressing his dissatisfaction to his parents and his longing for not being able to see his parents for a day. But often we ignore children\’s emotions and think that children are disobedient and very annoying. But then again, when I didn\’t read parenting books before. I also think this behavior of children is quite annoying, but since I read parenting books, I understand that children lose their temper at their parents. On the one hand, it\’s because we are her nearest and dearest people, and on the other hand, it\’s sending a distress signal to us. I\’m not happy today. I\’m hungry, or I\’m in trouble and need my parents\’ help. Careful and patient parents may try to communicate with their children to find out the real reasons behind their children\’s tantrums, so as to help their children. But some parents will scold their children just like their husbands, thinking that their children are disobedient and unreasonable, so they should stop their children from doing this. But as a parent, you must learn to understand the reasons behind your child’s bad moods. When a child cries and throws a tantrum, it is nothing more than being hungry, tired, thirsty, scared, not understood, not accepted, and insecure. Think about when adults lose their temper the most. Is it also when they are particularly anxious, tired, and feel like they can’t hold on anymore? Or when you are not understood or loved, and feel aggrieved and sad. But adults are mature and know how to vent their emotions in the right way, but when a child is young, she doesn’t know how to vent her emotions in the right way. Psychologists once said: When children are emotional and lose their temper, it is actually a good opportunity for parents to cultivate their children\’s emotional intelligence. He doesn’t know how to express, you can teach him how to express, tell her what is anger, what is frustration, what is fear, what is fear, what is sadness, and what is regret… At the same time, tell the child that everyone will have these emotions. , and it is normal to have such emotions. When we have emotions, we need to vent them. There is no need to deliberately restrain yourself, but the next time you vent, you can express your inner dissatisfaction and fear in a gentle way. When a child understands these emotions, she may not be able to manage them well at first, but as long as we guide her patiently, she will gradually begin to try to express her dissatisfaction in a gentle way. At the same time, as parents, we need to understand why our children only lose their temper with us, especially those who are the best to them, because children are very smart. She knows who loves her the most, who is the safest, and who will not hurt her, so when she has a bad mood, she will get angry at the person who treats her best. In fact, this is a good sign, which proves that the child trusts you and regards you as the closest person. When the child was young, he could reveal his most helpless side to you and trust you unconditionally. That person will also be closest to you when you grow up. Let’s imagine, would you show your emotions and lose your temper like someone you don’t know well? Obviously not. We will endure the anger at home until we get home and let the anger out to the other half, because you deeplyKnow that he or she is safe. The same is true for children. If the child stops expressing bad emotions to you for a long time, you have to worry about whether the child is disappointed in you or has closed his heart. Therefore, as parents, when a child expresses bad emotions to you or loses his temper, we must accept and tolerate the child\’s bad emotions. Wait until her mood stabilizes, and then guide the child in the right way. After you help him or her achieve mental growth. You will find that even if he has grown up, the distance between you will not be too far. Instead, as he grows up, the gap between you will slow down like an unbridgeable gap…

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