How to deal with drool rash in babies

Drool rash is a common skin problem in babies. Because the baby often drools, the skin around the mouth remains moist for a long time, resulting in a skin inflammation. This article will provide you with treatment methods and preventive measures for baby drool rash. Scientific parenting knowledge: Infant and toddler home care encyclopedia video collection 1. Problem statement Drool rash can cause redness, itching, pain and other symptoms of the skin around the baby\’s mouth. In severe cases, it may even cause blisters, erosion and other phenomena, causing great harm to the baby. Discomfort. If not treated in time, drool rash may worsen and even affect the baby\’s sleep and appetite. 2. Clean and Dry Treatment Methods First, keep the skin around the baby\’s mouth clean and dry. Every time your baby eats food or drools, clean the skin around the mouth with warm water or mild detergent and gently dry it. Avoid using rough towels or paper towels as they may irritate your baby\’s skin. Apply skin care cream. After cleaning and drying, you can apply some mild skin care cream, such as zinc oxide ointment, to the skin around the baby\’s mouth to protect the skin from external stimulation. Be careful not to use skin care products containing irritating ingredients to avoid aggravating your baby\’s skin inflammation. Seek medical attention in severe cases. If your baby\’s drool rash has severe symptoms, such as blisters, erosion, suppuration, etc., it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time. Your baby\’s doctor may prescribe antibiotic ointments or oral medications to treat drool rash. 3. Preventive measures to avoid excessive drooling: Try to avoid causing your baby to drool excessively. For example, do not let your baby hold a pacifier or use a pacifier while sleeping. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the baby\’s sleeping position to avoid lowering the head and causing drool to flow out. Keep the skin around the mouth dry and replace saliva towels promptly to avoid saliva irritating the skin for a long time. While your baby is sleeping, you can use a soft towel to gently dry the saliva on the skin around your mouth. Teach your baby to keep quiet. Try to keep your baby quiet when sleeping and eating to avoid drooling due to crying, playing, etc. At the same time, you can also distract your baby\’s attention by playing games, telling stories, etc. to reduce drooling.

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