How to develop a good reading habit

Cultures at home and abroad, both ancient and modern, highly value the importance of reading. In our country, from Lu You in the Song Dynasty, \”What you read on paper will always be shallow, but you must do it if you know it\” to Dong Qichang in the Ming Dynasty, \”Read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles.\” The wise sayings of the ancients well explain the significance of reading to life. . German writer Willy Fehrmann described it this way in the book \”Germany, a Fairytale of a Group of Rats\”: \”Reading means you see the world with another pair of eyes. From every story, you can find a piece of yourself. You can Learn how to know yourself better.\” Reading is a good habit that our small family has formed over the years and has become an indispensable part of our lives. Integrating what we learn from reading into life and education has also become a A way of life in my family. Reading allows our family to find the joy of life in the flowing time and brings us closer to each other. As an educator and a parent, I have always firmly believed that family culture has a huge subtle influence on children, and reading is a good cultural carrier for family construction. When our eldest daughter was very young, we would read picture books to her every night before she went to bed and take her to look at the illustrations in the book. During this process, our daughter also gradually developed the habit of reading. Gradually, as my daughter grows up, reading is not just about us reading and my daughter listening. Unknowingly, the roles have reversed, and my daughter has become a reader, and we have become listeners. Sometimes my daughter will share short stories in the book with us, sometimes she will express some of her own opinions on the characters in the book, and sometimes she will share with us her experiences in reading… As time goes by, time flies, and the children are growing up day by day. Our family’s reading content and methods are constantly enriching. There are classic recitations, family reading sharing meetings, or small competitions for excerpting quotations from books… The eldest daughter, who is now in junior high school, has become a A loyal reading lover who constantly absorbs knowledge and enjoys happiness from books. When she sees a book she likes, she always buys it and can’t wait to read it. She also likes to share and excerpt. She told us about the loneliness and courage of the three great souls in \”The Biography\”, and also expressed her appreciation for the strong and independent spirit of the heroine in \”Jane Eyre\”. She loves words, the characters in books that are full of life meaning, and she also likes to write down her reading insights in notes. What makes us particularly gratified is that our eldest daughter has gradually learned to integrate reading with life, and strives to integrate knowledge and action. She also leads her younger daughter to read together, setting a good example for her younger sister to love reading. On the one hand, we are pleased with the growth of our children, and at the same time, as parents, we ourselves continue to grow in reading and companionship. In our leisure time on weekends, we always take our daughters to bookstores to enjoy the fragrance of books and the atmosphere of quiet reading. By chance, we saw the book \”Education of Love\” in a bookstore and bought it home. Every night, the whole family took turns reading a short story in the book. Each ordinary story revealed the teacher\’s love and love. The love of parents, the love of children, the love of classmates and other great and beautiful feelings in the world. These good books allow us parents to learn how to educate and love our children. ChildrenWe also learned gratitude from the book and learned the beautiful qualities of love, courage, integrity, and self-confidence. Now, the eldest daughter and the youngest daughter have their sisters\’ reading group every weekend. There are more and more books in the study room at home. From the first few scattered books to the neatly stacked bookshelves, from the brand-new pages to the annotations with notes, each book depicts and embodies our story. Great family reading time. How to help children develop self-discipline – self-driven growth – free reading mobi+epub+azw3 As parents, what is the best education we can give our children? Life and time will give us the answer. Creating a good family atmosphere for children and helping them develop good habits like reading will not only benefit the children for life, but also allow us to become truly wise parents.

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