How to educate children, just a trip to the supermarket is enough

Yesterday, my friend took her child to the supermarket. When she came back, she had a look of despair on her face. Because her son was running around, she chased him everywhere. The most troublesome thing was that even though he had agreed not to buy toys at the supermarket this time, he still insisted on buying a toy gun. If he didn\’t agree, he would cry and roll on the floor. After a lap, my friend was exhausted, smiling? It doesn\’t exist, and you can\’t squeeze it out even if you squeeze hard. She secretly swore in her heart: She would rather stare at her son at home than take him to the supermarket! In fact, this kind of thing is already a small case for an old mother who has experienced many battles. I will still take him to the supermarket regardless of rain or shine. Because a supermarket is like a small society, a child who performs well in the supermarket will not perform poorly in society. Supermarkets are also an invisible textbook for educating children, and they also contain educational opportunities that we have ignored. In the supermarket, let children learn to choose and make choices. Two days ago, I saw a very interesting story. While waiting in line at the supermarket to check out, a little boy behind him announced loudly: \”I was indecisive, so I bought two! I was indecisive!\” As he said this, he put two snacks into his mother\’s shopping basket. Everyone was laughing at how this child learned the idiom, it was so cute. His mother said seriously: \”A man who is indecisive will eventually get neither.\” After saying that, he took out the snack and put it back. This mother is pretty cool. She is teaching her children that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Only by learning how to give up can you truly gain. My daughter Xiao Ai also experienced this kind of thing. When Xiao Ai was two and a half years old, I took her to the supermarket. Before going out, I told her clearly: pick out one favorite thing to buy, and only the same thing. She happily agreed. What’s the deal after arriving at the supermarket? Go to hell! She pushed the shopping cart and began to scan the items on the shelves with her eyes, loading the cart hard. I reminded her in a friendly way: \”Baby, we agreed that we can only choose one thing. If you do this, we will have to go home.\” She finally gained some sense and started to sort through the things she didn\’t want. Put it back in place and finally hesitated over a box of cookies and a coin purse. After thinking for a moment, she chose the coin purse. \”I like the puppy on the coin purse. I want this.\” \”Are you sure? You don\’t want to change it?\” \”Yes, I want the coin purse.\” Later, she gradually learned to choose what she likes or really needs. , sometimes more decisive than me, without any ambiguity. As Sun Ruixue said: We take our children to buy things. If you give children the right to \”choose\”, they will eliminate many tempting foods and choose what they need most. This is a process of building willpower. . There are too many temptations in this world, but time is very limited. If you want to do too much, you will get nothing done. I am very pleased that my daughter has learned to restrain her willfulness, learn to choose and bear the price of her choice. Supermarkets help children understand the world. A social study shows that visiting supermarkets can teach children nine major courses: statistics, traffic safety awareness, Chinese classes, mathematics classes, labor classes, painting classes, extracurricular reading classes, social studies classes and physical education. class. Isn’t it incredible? Children\’s education can be in the classroom or in the supermarket. Through product packaging bags and promotional posters, they learned to read words; through price tags, they learned to recognize numbers; through enumerated shopping lists, they learned to be organized and planned; through paying, they had their first concept of money; Through queuing, I learned to wait and exercise self-discipline. After shopping, give the children a small bag to carry, which also allows the children to learn sharing and responsibility. Life is education, and society is school. You will find that walking your child in the supermarket, as long as you walk well, can educate and entertain your child to form a basic understanding of the world and develop good behavioral habits. In fact, supermarkets have more than just these functions. Some supermarket experiences are enough to benefit him throughout his life. Supermarkets cultivate children\’s curiosity and thinking. There is a high school student in the United States named Brittany Stinson. With a \”divine essay\”, she was admitted to six top universities (Yale, Columbia, Penn, Dartmouth, Cornell). , Stanford) were admitted at the same time. In her \”Shenwen\”, she writes about her supermarket shopping experience from childhood to adulthood. When I was two years old, I finally broke free from my mother\’s hands and rushed into the supermarket. That’s right, I’m the two-year-old girl running around in the supermarket with so much energy that she can’t even control her limbs. I sprinted down the aisles, looking in awe at the mountains of merchandise stacked far above me. I am so curious about these, I want to touch and taste them, I want to stick my head into the huge refrigerator, and I want to explore every crevice. You will find that children have natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge when facing the supermarket. If parents find it troublesome and prevent their children from exploring everywhere or taking them to the supermarket, they will deprive their children of many educational opportunities! Fortunately, Brittany Stinson\’s parents gave her ample freedom to explore. She began to observe the habitual movements of the customers around her, observe their shopping carts, and wonder about their real lives; she looked at the hot dogs and sour cream in the supermarket, thinking about other innovative uses; she looked at the goods falling from the shelves, and thought about it. What kind of parabolic motion is she doing? Even in front of chocolate sauce, the questions she thinks about are about human free will… As she said: A strong desire for knowledge and an exploration beyond the boundaries of rational thinking have jointly made me who I am today. . The supermarket is a special existence in my heart. It implants endless curiosity into every cell of me. Einstein said: I have no special genius, only a strong curiosity. People who are always curious are people who are always making progress. Let your child learn to explore the supermarket, and he will learn to explore life. And if you have the two wealth of life, curiosity and thinking ability, you will be a winner wherever you go. Supermarkets allow children to experience life and learn to live. There was once an article titled \”That friend who wanted to commit suicide came back to life after going to the vegetable market\” and it went viral on WeChat Moments. In the article, he suffered from depression and wanted to commit suicide, until one day he passed by the vegetable market and went for a walk. Looking at the live chickens and ducks, the fresh vegetables and vegetables, and the red peppers, it was bustling and crowded, absorbing the heat from the bustling market place, and suddenly felt a joy of life. \”At that moment, I felt like I was alive. I felt that no matter what I encountered,No matter what happens, I can go on my own. \”Wet markets and supermarkets can be said to be the two most lively places. Adults get healing through the wet market and experience what vivid life is. The same goes for children. I want my children to fall in love with supermarkets and the fireworks life, just like Brittany Stinson, and be able to find their direction in life. I want to take my child to the supermarket to buy vegetables, teach her to love fruits and vegetables, fall in love with cooking, and develop the ability to live independently. Just like what is said in \”Hana\’s Miso Soup\”, children who can cook will survive wherever they go. I want my children to know that no matter how difficult it is, they should live well, buy groceries well, and eat well. Want to educate your children? Go to the supermarket, teach him how to buy groceries and cook, and let your children fall in love with the steamy life. It is never too early for this kind of thing.

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