How to educate children so that they don’t become harmful?

To educate children, parents should not scold or belittle them, but give them full love and tolerance, and be their children\’s supporters and companions, rather than being leaders or supervisors who only make demands. I began to try to reconcile with my children, starting from the communication with my daughter, and learning to change: Good family traditions and good family training stories make good children a 100-day plan for parent-child interaction pdf 1. Help children find new points of interest and re-motivate children to face problems The courage psychologist Winnicott proposed a concept called transitional space, which refers to gaining the courage and strength to solve real problems by creating an imaginary space. For children, hobbies and interests are their transitional space. Whether a child is writing, playing ball, playing Lego, or reading novels, it is a way for him to enter a transitional space, which can relieve anxiety and tension. However, parents usually prohibit their children from doing these things for fear of delaying learning. Transitional spaces can help children gain mental strength to combat setbacks in school and life. Once parents deprive their children of this opportunity, a large amount of negative emotions will accumulate, and eventually \”a big deal\” will befall the parents. Therefore, parents should reserve a \”transitional space\” for their children, and the children will draw strength from it. 2. Make use of children’s psychological characteristics to “save the country” due to changes in the brain and hormones. Adolescent children often have two characteristics: first, the prefrontal cortex is not fully developed and they are prone to impulsivity; second, they have strong self-awareness. It is the nature of parents to love their children, but many parents turn their love into harm because they do not understand their children\’s psychological characteristics. At first, the communication went poorly. I asked my daughter, what do you want to do without going to school? Do you have any ideas? My daughter is always wary: \”Why are you asking me this? I have nothing to do and no ideas.\” I realized that because the answer I wanted in my heart was \”I want to go back to school\”, and my daughter also noticed my mind, so I have been escaping. Until one day, I told my daughter, you can do whatever you want, you don’t have to go to school, you can continue to take a break from school. After her daughter repeatedly confirmed that she would not be scolded, she said, I want to write a novel. I agreed. During the whole process, I controlled my thoughts of persuasion, respected my daughter\’s emotions and wishes, actively provided support, and bought her a monitor and an e-book reader. After immersed in writing for more than a month, my daughter said: This is the first time I have accomplished what I want to do, not because of the pressure of grades or the pressure of my parents. I did it, and I can do other things from now on. arrive.

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