How to give full play to the talent cultivation function of the blackboard newspaper?

Blackboard newspapers play a very important role in beautifying the class environment, conducting moral education, and cultivating students\’ learning abilities. How to use the educational function of the blackboard newspaper? Let’s take a look at what Teacher Cui Mengmeng and Teacher Xu Yanxia do. @Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps No. 2 Middle School Cui Mengmeng’s campus is full of culture. Even a flower, a grass or a silent “wall skirt” always plays the role of cultural education. As an important part of campus culture, the blackboard newspaper brings together the collective wisdom, which can beautify the class environment, create a cultural atmosphere and highlight the class spirit. So, how can we better utilize the educational function of the blackboard newspaper? First, establish a team awareness of division of labor and collaboration. Some class teachers do not have a good understanding of blackboard newspapers, and often leave the task of publishing blackboard newspapers to one or a few students who have drawing skills. This approach ignores the value of \”posting on the blackboard\” in cultivating students\’ team awareness of division of labor and collaboration. The specific method is to divide the students into two or more groups, each group is responsible for one issue. The division of labor among the group members involves layout design, masthead design, title design, text layout, blackboard writing, artistic calligraphy, blackboard painting and lace, etc. Secondly, improve students’ insight and perception. Many classes, after receiving assignments from the school\’s moral education office, look for ready-made materials on the Internet, and students play the role of \”copyers.\” In order to allow students to think more and gain more, it is necessary to combine the propositions of the Moral Education Department and highlight the characteristics of the class. The \”review group\” is composed of the class teacher, publicity committee member and core members of the responsible group. When students share their design plans, the class teacher should constantly ask questions to stimulate students\’ thinking and use their unique perspective and keen vision to choose more valuable and meaningful ones. material. Third, cultivate students’ sense of class belonging. There is a certain distance between the content of some class blackboard reports and the students\’ own situations. If the content of the blackboard newspaper involves students\’ study and life, it will be more likely to resonate with students. Therefore, the blackboard newspaper should develop columns that are close to students\’ study and life. For example, \”I want to tell you\”, let students express their feelings around the theme, or let teachers of various subjects express their expectations for students. In this way, lively and interesting interactions can give students a stronger sense of belonging. This \”centripetal force\” will promote their collective sense of honor and form a good class style. Class teachers should pay attention to the educational function of blackboard newspapers and give full play to their role in cultivating students\’ abilities, improving students\’ quality, and shaping students\’ character. Particularly cruel and especially love reading, the Jewish mother’s teachings on raising the world’s richest children are super clear pdf @Xu Yanxia, ​​Longtai Primary School, Banyue Town, Dangyang City, Hubei Province In a classroom of 20 to 30 square meters, a beautiful and elegant blackboard newspaper is a bright spot The landscape shows the spirit of a class in every inch. When I was studying in a normal school, because I was good at \”three-stroke calligraphy (chalk, pen, brush)\” in the class, I was always dragged along by my peers to write blackboard newspapers. Although it was a bit hard, I gained a lot of fun from it. Now that I am a class teacher, I still like to lead the children to run blackboard newspapers, so that the small blackboard newspapers can play an unexpected role. Division of work and cooperation to run the newspaper. Every time I take over a new class, I always first find out which children are doing painting and reading.Specialized in law. These children will then take the lead in selecting team members from the whole class and form a newspaper team. Even students who have no expertise in painting, writing, or layout design must join a group and do whatever they can within the group. For example, you can clean the blackboard, help pass chalk, rulers and other tools; you can also help find and collect information, etc. The purpose of this is to let the children understand that running a blackboard newspaper is not the business of one or a few people, but everyone\’s business. We should have a sense of collective responsibility and honor. After dividing into groups, each group will be responsible for one reporting task. In this process, members of a group need to cooperate with each other to complete the task. In this way, children\’s sense of cooperation and unity can be cultivated. After the teachers and students come together to comment on the blackboard report, as the class teacher, we should not just praise lightly, but should have a more formal \”report review\” ceremony. First, the newspaper team will explain their design concepts and themes, such as how to use pictures and text to display concepts and themes, what sections are there in the layout, where does the content come from (is it an excerpt or original), how do team members cooperate, etc. wait. Then other groups discuss and evaluate: Where is the beauty of the blackboard newspaper? Does the theme stand out? What are we worth learning? What needs improvement? Children can speak freely and express their opinions sincerely. In this process, students not only improve their aesthetic ability, but also improve their expression ability. Make an appointment to read the newspaper. After each group has carefully prepared an issue of the blackboard newspaper, they are particularly looking forward to having people come to visit and study. At least this is an affirmation of their hard work and the fruits of their labor. After the first issue of the blackboard newspaper is completed, I will use the 5 minutes of the weekly morning meeting to read out the relevant content. After all, some content is the core of the entire blackboard newspaper and needs to be emphasized repeatedly, such as: \”Six Don\’ts to Prevent Drowning\” and \”Seven Steps to Wash Hands\” Infectious disease prevention strategies in autumn and winter” etc. I also asked the children to freely read the contents of some other sections in their spare time and write two to three hundred words of reflections after reading. In this way, it can not only help children accumulate rich knowledge, but also improve their writing skills, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

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