How to grow taller in autumn? Doing this will make your child squirm.

Spring is born and summer grows, autumn is harvested and winter is stored. Now it is gradually entering autumn, and it is the harvest season. For children, autumn should be a time of harvesting knowledge, growth, and “secrets for growing taller”! The older generation has a saying called \”Turn your bones to take advantage of autumn\”, believing that autumn is also a good time for children to grow up, especially those in adolescence! Is your child in the \”turning age\” period? In the process of children\’s growth and development, there are two growth peak periods, one is the infancy period, and the other is the adolescent development period. According to the laws of nature, spring is the time when children grow the fastest, while autumn is the slowest. But you can actually grow taller in autumn, as long as you take advantage of your child\’s \”turning period\”! The \”bone turning period\” mentioned here is actually the second peak period of height growth. The age of \”turning period\” for girls is 10-12 years old, and for boys, it is 12-14 years old. The specific manifestations are that girls have menarche, and boys have Adam\’s apple and start to change their voices. The bone turning period is not only a critical period for the development of sexual organs, but also a golden period for bone growth and height growth. It is divided into three stages: 8-9 years old is the preparation for growth period, 10-17 years old is the golden growth period, and 18-22 years old is the golden growth period. Among the consolidated growth periods, the golden growth period is the most important. Eating well, sleeping well, and moving more are the keys to achieving bone growth in autumn. During the bone rejuvenation period, the diet should focus on nourishment. Some parents will listen to some \”bone rejuvenation prescriptions\”. Parents, please note that medicine is only three parts toxic. Bone rejuvenation is a protracted battle. Medicinal bone rejuvenation may harm the health and development of children. If you want to achieve \”bone regeneration\” in autumn, you can choose to cook some \”medicine and food\” foods for your children, which will not only help your children grow taller, but also meet the various nutrients needed for growth. 1. Yam: The best nourishing food in autumn. Yam is one of the most common autumn foods. It is rich in protein, sugar, vitamins, fat and other nutrients for children. It also contains iodine, calcium, iron and other inorganic substances that are indispensable for growth. Salt and trace elements. For children in the bone turning period, eating more yams can not only help them grow taller, but also increase their appetite. ◆ How to eat yam: wolfberry yam pork rib soup yam fried black fungus chestnut yam porridge 2. Black-bone chicken: a high-protein, low-fat tonic. Black-bone chicken is rich in protein, B vitamins and other 18 kinds of amino acids and 18 kinds of trace elements, including vitamin E, The content of phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, amino acids, etc. is much higher than that of ordinary chicken, but the cholesterol and fat content is very low, making it a tonic with high nutritional value. In addition, eating black-bone chicken can also improve children\’s physiological functions and strengthen muscles and bones. Although black-bone chicken is tonic, it is a rare good product that clears away heat and has neutral properties. ◆ How to eat black-bone chicken: chestnut roasted black-bone chicken soup, black bean and fungus black-bean chicken soup, red bean and black-bone chicken soup 3. Fish: the best seafood for supplementation in autumn and winter. Autumn and winter are a good time for supplementation, and fish is the best aquatic product for supplementation. Fish contains a lot of high-quality protein, twice as much as pork, so it can promote bone growth. Let children eat more fish, which can promote the rapid growth of muscles. Fish has low fat content, is tender and easy to digest, making it the best choice for children. ◆ How to eat fish: Steamed fish, braised fish, fish in tomato and sour soup. When sleeping during the bone transition period, pay attention to time.The second element of Ji Zhuan Gu is to sleep well. \”Spring is sleepy, autumn is tired, and summer takes a nap, and winter is sleepless in March.\” There is really no way to avoid autumn fatigue, and adequate sleep is especially important. It is actually very easy for children who are in the pubertal development period to grow taller, because at this age, the secretion of growth hormone belongs to the second peak period (the first peak period is before 1 year old). However, the secretion of growth hormone during this period will show a wavy line shape, with peak periods between 9 pm to 12 pm and around 6 am. Among them, the condition for secreting growth hormone is deep sleep. In order not to miss the two important time points for growing taller at night and early morning, please try to fall asleep between 9 and 10 o\’clock, and get up after 7 o\’clock as much as possible! In order to promote a good night’s sleep, children and parents should do the “four don’ts”: ◆ The “four don’ts” for children: don’t eat too much, don’t exercise strenuously, don’t play with electronic products, and don’t have violent emotions 1 hour before going to bed ◆ Parents’ “three things”: lead by example, create a sleeping atmosphere, and create a sense of security for their children; in fact, it is difficult for many children to sleep until 7 o’clock before getting up. It may be possible during the summer vacation, but once school starts, some children will not wake up until 7 o’clock. You have to get up at 0 o\’clock. For this part of the family, we can only let the children sleep as long as possible, prepare all the books and stationery for the next day\’s class the night before, and minimize getting up and wasting time on some \”chores\”. When it comes to weekends and holidays, you don’t have to force your children to get up early. It’s allowed to sleep until 7:30 or 8 o’clock. Everything is for the sake of your children’s growth! During the skeletal transition period, focus on stretching. According to statistics from \”Current Status of Height Management of Chinese Children\”: Children of the same age and gender who exercise regularly are 4-10 cm taller than those who do not exercise. However, not all sports can help grow taller. Only those that can increase appetite, promote sleep, and stimulate bone development can help grow taller. Most of these exercises can put longitudinal pressure on bones. In the crisp autumn weather, jogging, rope skipping, dancing, basketball, volleyball, etc. are all good choices. Don’t force your children to exercise. Only when their emotions are stable during exercise can they help them grow taller! If your child doesn\’t like the above sports, you can respect his choice. Games such as catching games, rubber band jumping, shuttlecock kicking, and sandbag throwing can also promote height growth. In addition, some strenuous sports are not suitable for children, such as weightlifting that puts strong pressure on bones, and long-distance running that consumes a lot of physical energy. These have a negative impact on height growth. Finally, as your child grows, you must pay attention to his posture, especially when doing homework. Do not hunch over. This will cause the spine to gradually curve, and the child will naturally become shorter. Regularly do chest expansion exercises and stretching exercises to relax your whole body, correct your posture, and you can become taller invisibly! Regarding growing taller, there are three common misunderstandings in daily life. Misunderstanding 1: Strive to supplement various nutrients. The most common ones are to drink milk as water, eat calcium tablets as snacks, and supplement all vitamins. What\’s more, some people will listen to the slander and buy some health care products. Taste. Parents, have you ever thought about blindly taking supplements? Have you considered whether your children’s body needs it? He can eliminateCan you melt it? Can it be absorbed again? Will taking too much supplement make you gain weight? Misunderstanding 2: Increase the intensity and volume of exercise, especially long-distance running. Many parents feel that in the process, they can also exercise their children\’s willpower. Excessive exercise will harm the child\’s body, which in turn becomes a factor that hinders the child from growing taller… Myth 3: Forcing the child to grow taller regardless of the child\’s feelings. Research shows that if a child is in an unstable mental state, the secretion of growth hormone will decrease. will be greatly reduced. Many parents are indifferent to their children\’s mental state, and don\’t care about their children\’s mood. One by one, they force them to exercise at a certain intensity. When a child is emotionally unstable, especially when negative emotions are overwhelming, he is extremely likely to develop depression, anxiety, etc., which may cause endocrine disorders and lead to hormonal dysfunction in the body, which is very detrimental to his growth. . In addition, emotional instability can also cause a decrease in the child\’s sleep quality, which again affects the child\’s growth. Therefore, always pay attention to the child\’s mental state. Adolescent children should laugh more and frown less. It is said that it is easy to gain \”autumn fat\” in autumn, but if this \”fat\” is well maintained, children can take advantage of the opportunity of autumn to achieve bone growth and increase their height! In fact, the secret for children to grow taller is very simple, just 12 words in total: eat well, sleep well, love sports, and be in a good mood! If you really do it, you will definitely grow taller!

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