How to help children improve their academic performance? You have to avoid doing these five things

Nowadays, many parents find that their children\’s grades have dropped, so they begin to look for reasons from various aspects: Are their children playful again? Did the teacher fail to teach well? But no matter how you think about it, you will never attribute the cause to yourself, but you know that many times, children\’s academic performance suddenly drops, which is also closely related to your performance. Let\’s take a look~ 1. Reprimand when there is nothing wrong The way that almost all parents educate their children is to scold them. The most egregious thing is that some parents scold their children when they have nothing to do, and vent their anger on their children. As time goes by, children will doubt whether their parents love them. As a result, they lost their self-confidence and felt that they could no longer feel care. How could their academic performance not decline? Even if some children know that their parents did not mean it, they will inevitably feel a sense of loss after hearing it too much. So when a child makes a mistake, we don\’t rush to reprimand him, we calm down, have a good talk, list some rewards and punishments, and let the child know the price of making a mistake. 2. The requirements for children are too high. Parents always have expectations for their children, but some parents are blindly confident and always think that their children are good at it, but they have never considered whether their children are capable enough. Just like many parents always like to compare their children with other children. As long as they are not as good as other children, they will lecture and blame them. But there are no two identical leaves in the world, so why do you want your children to reach a height that is difficult to inspire? The child has worked very hard, why can\’t you see it? 3. Nagging their children too much. Many parents like to nag, especially in front of their children. But you know, children really hate this about you. Do you get annoyed when your boss nags you every day? Not to mention children. Although parents may think that nagging is a form of concern for their children and want to improve their grades, they are afraid that if they don\’t nag, their children will escape slacking off. But on the contrary, children originally want to study, but if you nag them like this, their enthusiasm will be greatly dampened. In their opinion, just saying it once is enough. If you repeat it a few times, everyone will get bored. 4. Parents\’ faces are cloudy and dull. The faces of parents will directly affect their children, especially those who are cheerful one second and as cold as an iceberg the next. The children will worry and wonder if they have done something wrong again. What happened again? As time goes by, the child will have knots in his heart, feeling unhappy and unhappy. Although we know that the change in our mood is not because of the children, but because of other things, the children don\’t know. They think that their parents are dissatisfied with them now. For a long time, children have been unconfident, full of doubts, indecisive, and worried about their abilities. 5. Parents do everything well. Children may not feel much when they are young, but as they grow older, they especially hate their parents doing this. They also have their own ideas and pursuits. Why should parents arrange their own paths? Therefore, when children are in adolescence, this kind of contradiction and conflict is particularly intense. And the parents have done everything for their children, so why do you want them to come home?? As your puppet, moving forward step by step? This will only make them lose their personality, their ability to take care of themselves, and their sense of independence, even when they become adults. Therefore, as parents, no matter what we do, we should leave half of it and let the children solve the remaining problems appropriately. This is the most effective way to cultivate children\’s independent consciousness. Parents, now you understand why your children’s academic performance cannot improve, so hurry up and get rid of these mistakes~

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