How to improve children’s frustration resistance and emotional intelligence

We all know that a person\’s emotional intelligence determines the basis for a child\’s future life, and reverse intelligence is a kind of spiritual power that guides children to have a more solid future. Generally speaking, a person with high emotional intelligence will not complain about others, let alone slander others. They have no time. They must be broad-minded, good at listening, and responsible. When we meet people with high emotional intelligence, we prefer to interact with them, because when we get along with them, we feel more at ease and comfortable. On the contrary, people with low EQ are not very good at making friends, and people really don’t like to interact with them, and the feeling of being together is not pleasant and very unpleasant. After all, no one likes someone who complains and is always negative. This is all a sign of a child\’s narrow-mindedness. As parents, when we find that our children have low emotional intelligence, we should correct them as soon as possible. Of course, by taking our children to these three places frequently, our children\’s high emotional intelligence and even their ability to resist frustration can be cultivated. 1. Take your children to public places more often. Parents can take their children with them when eating and doing errands. This can cultivate the children\’s ability to treat people and things, and greatly improve the children\’s lack of ability in this area. In addition, children who often see the world will be polite and generous. When communicating with others, I will neither be timid or fearful of others, nor will I be afraid to go out and even look at people because I am so powerful at home. Must-read parenting books for parents recommended: Don’t Think You Understand Your Children’s Heart e-book download 2. Take your children to amusement parks and other places with many children. Children love to play. If we have the conditions, we can take our children to amusement parks more. This child Many, children naturally want to make friends, which will also be of great help to children in terms of interpersonal communication. 3. Encourage children to exercise. Children who exercise more are not only healthier, but can also help children improve their social skills and are more conducive to their mental health. We have also found that too many sports students actually have high emotional intelligence. Most of them have excellent qualities such as decisiveness, courage, and unity. In short, if we want our children to have high emotional intelligence and meet the standards in terms of reverse intelligence, we can take our children out to experience these places more and improve their abilities. In addition, read a lot of books and teach your children about the deeds and wisdom of famous people. This can also greatly improve children\’s emotional intelligence and reverse intelligence. Seeing this, I would like to ask if your child has high emotional intelligence? What is your attitude like when encountering difficulties? If you have similar questions and would like to leave a message in the background, perhaps we can achieve different results through communication and help you improve your children\’s emotional intelligence and reverse intelligence. Game book on how to cultivate children with high emotional intelligence pdf+epub+azw3

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