How to improve first-grade children’s literacy skills

As we all know, children who are not literate enough will bring about a series of learning problems, such as being unable to read, affecting their homework, etc. Parents must save this article and follow it. Your children will be able to quickly improve their literacy and read smoothly. First of all, we need to know that the most commonly used Chinese characters are 380 high-frequency characters, covering 70% of children’s reading texts. If a child can read 700 words, he can cover 80% of the text. In other words, if you want your child to be able to read independently, the first step is to help him quickly accumulate literacy of 700 high-frequency words. So, what can be done to achieve this level of literacy? There are only four ways to quickly achieve this literacy level. First, we must seize the sensitive period of children\’s literacy and quickly accumulate the 100th basic character for them. Children aged 2-4 years will enter a sensitive period for literacy. At this time, children may often ask: Mom, what is written on it? You may also imitate an adult holding a pen and writing by yourself. This time means that the child\’s sensitive period for literacy has arrived. Parents should seize this opportunity in time, and their children\’s literacy will get twice the result with half the effort. How to seize the sensitive period of children\’s literacy? You can start by recognizing characters in daily life, such as billboards outside, store names, product labels in supermarkets, large characters on bulletin boards, and even the names of signature dishes in restaurants, etc. You can point them out to your children. At home, you can use post-it notes to write the names of commonly used items at home, and stick them with your children, recognizing them while posting them. This step will help your children to learn words painlessly, and help them accumulate about 100 words, or even more, easily. . Second, graded reading can help children with advanced reading, but there is a method for graded reading, which is finger reading. [Essential test questions from kindergarten to primary school] Preschool and primary school transition integrated teaching materials and synchronous training, all 12 volumes of ultra-clear, full-color PDF, you can fold the graded reading text over, do not show the side with pictures to the children first, and give instructions to the children first with the text. Read, and after reading the text, show the picture to the child, and let the picture help the child understand the meaning of the text. Only in this graded reading can the literacy effect be achieved. What needs to be reminded here is that in normal parent-child reading, there is no need to read by fingers. Reading by fingers is only required for graded reading. why? Because finger reading is for literacy, it will destroy children\’s interest in reading. Third, the word root literacy method gradually increases the number of literacy words from 500 to 700. At this stage, after graded reading and a certain understanding and accumulation of children\’s vocabulary, parents can cleverly use a method to quickly expand their children\’s literacy. This method is called \”root memory\”. For example, the \”wood\” of wood can be extended to two \”woods\” to form a \”forest\”, and three trees to form a \”forest\”; adding a long horizontal line above the wood is the end; adding a short horizontal line above the wood is the end; adding a short horizontal line to the bottom of the wood is the end. One horizontal line is the book. Through the root word \”木\”, the memory of a group of words is expanded. In this way, one word can be used to help children connect all related words together, which can expand the children\’s vocabulary. At this time, the child is already able to read some simple picture books, and can then enter the fourth stage of literacy. Fourth, read fairy talesHow to do this stage? Basically, it is an effective transition for children in primary school, primary school and second grade. You need to buy fairy tale books that are designed to quickly improve the literacy of children in primary school and first and second grade children, so that the children can read a fairy tale aloud by pointing to the words every day. At first, it takes about 45 minutes for children to read one article, but if you persist for a week, the speed can basically advance to 30 minutes. After a month of training, the child\’s literacy can quickly drop by 2,000 to 3,000, and his reading speed will increase rapidly. These four steps are advanced literacy routes planned for children. Parents can save them and arrange them for their children as soon as possible, so that children can read as soon as possible, and problems in learning will not occur or rarely occur, and their grades will be improved. Naturally excellent.

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