How to improve the quantity and quality of follicles

How to judge whether a woman’s eggs are of high quality? The assessment of egg quality is a very important but easily overlooked aspect of embryo quality, because both embryo implantation and pregnancy outcomes are related to the quality of the originating egg. If it is an egg that lacks development potential, then even after fertilization, it does not have the ability to implant and mature the fetus. Generally, the quality of eggs is measured by the development of follicles. If you want to know whether the quality of your eggs is high, the best way is to go to the hospital for ultrasound monitoring on the 12th day of the menstrual cycle. Monitor the development of follicles and eggs through B-ultrasound. It will be clear at a glance whether the quality is high or not. As we all know, the most important thing for a successful pregnancy is the quality of the embryo. Good embryo quality is one of the necessary conditions, and the embryo is made of the combination of egg and sperm, so the quality of sperm and egg is particularly important, among which Egg quality is critical, so follicles are critical to female fertility. For women who are trying to conceive, without good eggs, pregnancy outcomes will also be affected. In addition, women\’s ovulation is also a reflection of ovarian function and endocrine status, which is closely related to women\’s health and beauty. So, how can we get high-quality eggs? Age is the primary factor. Women\’s fertility is more susceptible to age than men\’s. The best childbearing age is 24 to 30 years old. As age increases, ovarian function declines, and egg quality and quantity decrease, which is not conducive to pregnancy. Therefore, for elderly patients or patients with poor ovarian function, early examination and targeted conditioning to provide ovarian function according to their own conditions can also improve egg quality and ovarian function, thereby increasing the success rate of IVF. Suitable ovulation induction program For elderly patients with reduced ovarian function, ultra-short program or antagonist program may not necessarily be able to obtain high-quality eggs. Sometimes, micro-stimulation program combined with gelatin peptide and natural cycle is also a good method. alternative. The micro-stimulation program combined with the combination of Chinese and Western methods of donkey-hide gelatin peptide to induce ovulation, the process is close to the follicle recruitment, selection and dominance process of the natural cycle. Although there are few eggs, the quality is excellent, that is, the aneuploidy rate of the obtained eggs is low, and the eggs are more The less aneuploidy the lower the rate. The number of retrieved eggs or not depends mainly on the patient\’s ovarian function. Excessive ovarian stimulation may affect egg quality, so there is a relatively ideal range for the number of retrieved eggs. For young patients with good ovarian function, if the target number of retrieved eggs is around 8-12, a pregnancy rate of over 60%-70% can be obtained. For patients with poor ovarian function, the target number of eggs to be retrieved is 2-5, so they may undergo multiple egg retrievals to obtain \”good eggs\”. There is no need to worry too much during the ovulation promotion process, just actively cooperate with the treatment. Whether you can get pregnant does not depend on the number of eggs, but on the quality of the eggs. It takes an average of 85 days from the development of the primordial follicle to the maturity of the follicle in the first stage of egg-raising in preparation for pregnancy. As the saying goes, \”One day of using eggs, three months of egg-raising.\” However, in clinical practice, many women only pay attention to the process of infertility treatment. Ovulation induction treatment neglects egg raising. Donkey-hide gelatin peptide contains a variety of trace elements, minerals and conditioning Chinese medicine, which has a good effect on raising nests and improving eggs. The follicles develop too small,It is impossible to conceive. Normal follicle development is 1.8-2.5CM, which is the dominant follicle. Follicle development that is too large or too small will directly affect fertility. In addition to age and genetics, the factors that affect egg quality are lifestyle. Healthy diet, proper exercise, regular sleep, and maintaining an optimistic and cheerful attitude can all help to improve egg quality. It is recommended that patients who are preparing for pregnancy start preparing for egg raising before preparing for pregnancy in order to raise good eggs and lay the foundation for a successful pregnancy. To sum up, it is necessary to regulate in advance to keep the body in the best condition, try to improve ovarian function and egg quality, and strive for early pregnancy.

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