How to improve the size of the baby\’s eyes?

Question 1: A 7-and-a-half-month-old baby girl’s left eye has become smaller in the past three months. What is the reason? Also, my baby has a leg mark on his right leg but not on his left leg. What’s going on? Dr. Zhang Yanmei answered: Some children\’s eyes will become one big and one small as they grow. This situation will get better as the baby grows. Parents should not worry. In addition to this reason, the larger and smaller eyes may also be caused by slight eyelid ptosis. It is recommended not to deal with it for now and continue to closely observe the changes in the baby\’s eyes. If the leg lines on both sides are asymmetrical, you need to check whether the legs are equal in length and whether the hip joints are normal. If everything is normal, there is generally no problem. Question 2: My baby is 20 months old. He has been coughing badly these days. He has taken nebulized medicine, but he still coughs, especially when he says he is hungry and after drinking milk powder. What should the doctor do? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: In this case, it is recommended to have auscultation to see if there is bronchitis. In addition, check blood routine and use medicine according to the infection situation. If it is not convenient to seek medical treatment, you can take azithromycin, albuterol sulfate tablets and orange granules to see the effect. Question 3: It has been a year since I gave birth to my child. Yesterday, a color ultrasound examination revealed a pelvic effusion of 21 mm and a Bartholin\’s gland cyst (painless, the size of a quail egg). The doctor recommended surgical treatment. I would like to ask, will recurrence occur after surgical treatment? Can pelvic effusion be cured? Dr. Zhang Qiaoli’s answer: It may recur, and your cyst is a bit big, so treatment is recommended. Pelvic effusion and pelvic inflammatory disease can be treated.

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