How to make children feel confident and sunny

A child only has one childhood. If you love your child, you will grow up with him. The children are very happy today because the kindergarten has prepared a program for Children\’s Day, allowing the children to have a happy Children\’s Day. When the child asked me if I wanted to participate in her Children\’s Day program, I said of course I would, and I would bring my grandma and brother with me. You practice hard every day and practice so well. Of course, my mother will appreciate my baby\’s wonderful performance. Therefore, no matter how busy my mother is, she will participate. Nothing is important to you. The children were very happy after hearing this. Children\’s Day is not an important holiday for adults, but it is different for children. As a parent, even if you are busy, it is actually recommended to take some time to spend the holidays with your children, because companionship is the longest confession of love. When we pay attention to children\’s festivals, children will experience their parents\’ love from their parents\’ attention, as well as the sense of ritual that life brings. This sense of ritual and love are the most precious memories of children. Those are wonderful memories that no amount of time or money can buy when you grow up. Children\’s Day is a holiday that children consider particularly important. It is recommended that parents leave time and choice to their children, respect their children\’s wishes, and let them have a Children\’s Day that is their own decision. Let me share with you the three most important things parents need to do with their children on Children’s Day! The 8 most popular types of mothers, it is easy to raise confident and sunny children 1. Give your child a Children’s Day gift. Parents can say, baby, today is Children’s Day. You can choose a gift you like. Gift It’s up to you to choose and decide on the breed. As long as it’s a reasonable request, mom will agree. When we say this, our children will be very happy, and we will be very happy when we see their happy smiling faces. Letting children choose their favorite gifts and where to play is actually respecting them and allowing them to gain independence and respect. 2. Accompany the child to participate in the school performance. Dabao woke up early this morning, put on her dance clothes, and urged her husband to send us off quickly so as not to make her late. I was really happy to see my children looking forward to the performance so much without any stage fright. It was also at this moment that I discovered that the more important the moment, the more important it is to treat it with a normal attitude and not put any external pressure on the children. In life, we should also guide and encourage children more and express affirmation and recognition. 3. Go to the amusement park with your child. Children’s Day is all about making the child happy. I asked the child where to go to play, and the child said that after the performance, I would go to the amusement park and I would take her there to have fun. Parenting experts say that children should play more. Playing stimulates the child\’s brain to develop again and releases dopamine in the body. Because I have crazy fun, I can concentrate on learning when I am studying. Playing is a kind of exercise, and playing is a kind of release of body, mind and soul. Educator Rousseau once said: In order to make a child smart and rational, you must constantly exercise his body to make him strong, let him work, run, shout, and move constantly to make him an energetic person. , constantly release energy, and eventually become a wise and rational person. It can be seen that exercising during play can not only cultivate children\’s courage, tenacity, self-discipline and other excellent qualities, but looking deeper, their inner quality of life will also be affected by movement.get the best improvement. Write at the end: A child only has one childhood. If you love him or her, create a beautiful childhood memory for them. Your gifts, your companionship, and your companionship will fill the child\’s heart with love and stability. Children will also become confident and sunny people because of their parents\’ love and sense of security.

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