How to prepare baby milk powder, the correct way to prepare milk powder

When making milk, should you put water or milk powder first? When preparing milk powder, add water first and then the milk powder: after pouring the water into the bottle first, if it is too cold or too hot, you can continue to adjust the water temperature. If you put the milk powder first, it will not be easy to adjust the water temperature. Brewing milk powder with overheated water will destroy the nutrients in the milk powder. Newborn Baby Care Encyclopedia Download Ultra Clear Epub If you add milk powder first and then water, the milk powder at the bottom of the bottle will easily form lumps and will not be fully dissolved. When cleaning the bottle, it is often difficult to clean if the milk powder forms lumps at the bottom of the bottle. Adding water first can effectively avoid this problem. You should also pay attention to other misunderstandings in preparing milk powder: Misunderstanding 1: If the milk powder is not prepared in proportion and is too thick, drinking it will cause flatulence, constipation, and the risk of intestinal necrosis for the baby. And if it is washed too dilutely, it will lead to malnutrition. Misunderstanding 2: Shaking the bottle vigorously will actually produce a lot of milk foam. After the baby drinks it, he is prone to bloating, burping, farting, and gastrointestinal discomfort. Misunderstanding 3: Use mineral water or purified water to prepare milk. Mineral water itself has a high mineral content. Long-term use of mineral water to prepare milk powder will cause indigestion or constipation. Purified water does not have any trace elements, which will cause the baby to lack mineral nutrients.

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