How to prepare for transition from early childhood to primary school

Some parents are not only worried about their children\’s transition from elementary school to elementary school, but also have anxiety. This anxiety is transmitted to their children, making them fearful and eager to go to elementary school. Anxiety is not only helpless, but it can easily turn no problem into a problem, and small problems into big problems. The child is about to start a new beginning. At this time, parents should not be anxious, but should be full of yearning for the future with the child, and quietly help the child become a \”prepared person.\” Faced with the transition between kindergarten and primary school, where do parents’ anxiety come from? Worry that the child will not learn as much knowledge as other children and that his academic performance will be lower than the starting point of elementary school; worry that the child will not have enough specialties and will not be as good as other children after entering elementary school; worry that the child will not be able to adapt to the new environment after entering elementary school, and will not be able to eat well and study well. Not doing well and being bullied; worried that the child will lag behind at the starting point, and will slow down step by step in the future, always following, hoping that the child will become a \”front runner\” from the moment he enters school… Instead of worrying about the future and unknown fears, he will become anxious due to worry , it is better to think quietly about how to help children truly prepare for elementary school. In kindergarten, it is really much more important for children to maintain curiosity and interest in knowledge, develop the ability to interact with others, learn to do their own things, and have a sense of rules than learning knowledge. Children with these abilities can quickly adapt to the changes in interpersonal communication, lifestyle, and learning methods in elementary school after entering elementary school. They are like a fish in water and happy. [Children\’s Literacy Paradise Artifact for Connecting Children to Younger Children] Download the complete set of the animated cartoon \”The Great Literacy Adventure\” [1080P Ultra HD] In the primary school stage, helping children develop good study, review and preview habits is also more important than learning the knowledge itself. Some children, due to too many extracurricular training classes in kindergarten, cannot concentrate on listening to the lectures when they go to elementary school and cannot concentrate on the lectures. When they need to develop study habits the most, they cannot develop the good habit of paying attention to the lectures. The important thing is the \”connection between kindergarten and primary school\”, not attending the \”connection class between kindergarten and primary school\”. To help children make the transition from kindergarten to primary school, it is not about sending them to classes to study, but about shifting the focus to the cultivation of habits and abilities. Parents should be wary of \”advanced teaching\” that will obliterate their children\’s freshness of knowledge after they go to elementary school and harm their children\’s concentration in class after they go to school. It is the best choice not to send children to preschool, but parents cannot be the hands-off shopkeepers. Instead, they must help children make up for the \”deficiencies\” in habits and abilities, and help children have the ability to adapt to the learning methods and content of primary school as soon as possible. Have the ability to adapt to the lifestyle and rhythm of primary school and the interpersonal environment. After entering elementary school, parents should pay full attention to their children\’s learning and living conditions at school, maintain active communication with teachers, and provide timely help to their children when they need it. The best prescription to overcome anxiety is confidence. Believe in the power of growth brought by education, believe in children\’s adaptability, believe in teachers\’ professional abilities, and believe in the series of efforts made by schools and kindergartens in connecting kindergarten to primary school. The most important thing is that as a parent, you must believe that you can learn and encourage and help your child at every important point in his life, so that he can become a \”prepared person.\”

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