How to raise a child with a bright mind, so useful!

Children need appreciation from adults. There is no education without appreciation. Mr. Tao Xingzhi, the great Chinese educator, profoundly pointed out half a century ago: The whole secret of educating children lies in trusting them and liberating them. To believe in children and liberate them, we must first appreciate them. There is no education without appreciation. However, in our lives, how many mothers have truly appreciated their children? Once, I was invited to CCTV to talk about \”How to educate naughty children.\” A boy who looked quite \”wilt\” and didn\’t seem naughty was sitting there. I\’m worried that the original topic won\’t be discussed. Who would have thought that as soon as the filming started, this rather \”wilted\” boy said something particularly wonderful to the camera: \”Every time my dad talks about me, he always says: Look how good other people\’s children are, look how bad you are.\” \”Look at how smart other people\’s children are, and look at how stupid you are…I am very unconvinced. I always think, if you think other people\’s children are good, just be a father to their children. Why would you be a father to me!\” I looked back. He glanced at his father. His father\’s eyes were as wide as beanbags and he was grinning so much that he couldn\’t say a word. After the filming of the TV show was completed, the child\’s father came to me in tears: \”I am a driver, just a son. I am so good to him and I make all my money for him. Why should he wrongly accuse me?\” I said to him: \”You love your child, but your child doesn\’t know it. You don\’t show your love and appreciation for him. You only appreciate other people\’s children. Therefore, your child thinks you don\’t love him.\” ” There are many children and parents who have this kind of trouble. Because many parents now have a somewhat misplaced mentality in educating their children. Instead of looking at their children\’s strengths with appreciation, they use a critical eye to find their children\’s faults. The most terrifying thing is to use the strengths of other people\’s children to compare the shortcomings of your own children. The more you compare, the more you feel that your own children are inferior to other people\’s children. In fact, your child is your child. There is no need to always compare with other people\’s children. As long as your child has improved today compared with yesterday, you should congratulate him. This is a mother\’s appreciation for her child. Blind comparison will produce many adverse consequences and make your child lose self-confidence. The child will mistakenly believe that his \”disaster\” is caused by his partner. Not only will he not have the desire to learn from his partner, but he will instead form a grudge and refuse to learn from others in his future life. The Czech educator Comenius, who is revered as Copernicus in the history of education, pointed out: \”Children should be respected like God.\” The most essential need in human nature is the desire to be appreciated. As far as spiritual life is concerned, every young life seems to come to the world to be appreciated, and no one lives to be scolded. Not to mention underage children, we are adults. Everyone is willing to work with leaders and colleagues who appreciate themselves, and no one wants to be picky and picky all day long. People work together. Children are different from adults. If adults are not appreciated in this unit and their work is not satisfactory, they can be transferred to another unit to work. But if children are not appreciated by their parents, they will have no place to go. soSay, learn to appreciate – should be the motto of every parent. \”Even if everyone in the world looks down on our children in the end, parents should appreciate them with tears in their eyes, embrace them, praise them, praise them, and feel proud of them. This is the foundation of every child\’s success.\” It is a secret discovered by a father of a deaf child on his troubled journey to change his daughter\’s destiny. As parents, we have no reason to be discouraging to our children, because the way children grow up is like a playing field. How much they long for their parents to be good at discovering their shining points and cheering for themselves. Even if they fall a thousand times, they must firmly believe that they will always be the best. A thousand and one times I can stand up and strive for the glory of life. Appreciation education for children is an art. According to the characteristics and psychology of your child, you must follow the following appreciation principles. ♥ Once the good behavior of the child is motivated, it must be affirmed in time. The earlier the time, the better the effect. Just like criticizing and educating children, it must be done when the child has experience, so as to strengthen his memory and feeling of being appreciated. ♥ Praise should be specific and avoid empty words that are not in line with the child\’s psychology. For example, if a child falls down with a child and the child helps the child up, parents cannot just say: \”You were so good today!\” If the child falls down together, the parent cannot just say: \”You were so good today!\” You can say: \”You did a good job lifting the child up today. Mom is very happy. You will do this in the future. You and the children care about each other and help each other.\” Let the children understand why they are being rewarded. ♥ Pay attention to the attitude and language of appreciation, so that the child feels satisfied. \”You must have spent a lot of time and energy doing this, so good!\” \”This child is really good. He has solved such a difficult problem. It\’s really good.\” \”You have great potential. You must do better next time.\” Children\’s hearts are actually very sensitive, and only sincere encouragement will make children accept it. Don\’t habitually add negative comments when motivating. ♥ Incentives should be based on the child\’s personality characteristics. Extroverted children should not be encouraged too much, and appreciation should be expressed appropriately to prevent them from developing pride and vanity; while for introverted children, timely and sufficient incentives should be provided to stimulate them. of self-confidence. ♥ Rewards can be spiritual or material. It is necessary to understand what the child is most interested in and what he hopes to get most. ♥ It cannot just be appreciation without education. Appreciation must be connected with education and guidance. Everyone needs praise and encouragement emotionally, especially when children are praised and inspired by their parents and teachers, their courage will greatly increase and their creativity will greatly increase. Some parents think that strict supervision is a good idea. In fact, they are totally wrong, because people don’t want to do things passively all the time. \”What kind of person you want your child to be, let your child believe in what kind of person he is.\” Appreciation of education is like sunshine raising seedlings, give your children more sunshine. Children who grow up in the sun must have a healthy and happy mind. Motivation is not only effective for children, but for people of any age. In life, we should also look at the people and things around us with appreciation. In life, learn to appreciate others, you will also get a lot of unexpected joy, and you will feel that the worldThe world is so beautiful.

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